Working at a regular J.O.B can be hard at times especially when you have dreams that you want to accomplish. Your dreams are possible and working towards those dreams while at your job is also possible. The thing is we just have to put in the work to get to those dreams.

Some of us hate our J.O.B’s then there are others that actually love our J.O.B’s to be honest there is nothing wrong with loving what you do even if you work for someone else. I have always believed in the quote my dad has told me is this.

“Love What You Do And Do What You Love”

You should always do this if you don’t love what you do then you shouldn’t be doing it and find what you do love and pursue that.

Here Is Why You Should Work For Your Dreams

When working for others we have really no freedom to do what we want when we want to, this is because we have a J.O.B that is restrictive. If you look at it when working at a regular 9 to 5 you work a certain amount of hours usually between at a Fulltime J.O.B, 8-10 hours a day.

That is a lot of time to be working at a J.O.B that most of us probably don’t enjoy working at but we still work because we probably don’t know how to get out. So we stay miserable working at a J.O.B but day dreaming on things you love to do.

Basically all you are doing is trading your time for money as we are doing that we are working for someone elses DREAMS and not our own. I can bet you have probably thought about working ONLINE?

Working for others really isn’t something we should do since it really is a waste of our time to work 10 hours a day to work until retirement and not really have lived. Once you start finding ways to work for yourself then working online maybe for you.

Why Become Your Own Boss And Work For Your Dreams?

The reason you should work for yourself and be your own boss is because,

  • You can be at home and work
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Spend time with your friends and family more

These are some reasons why you should become your own boss and work for your Dreams. When you look at a regular J.O.B, you don’t have this freedom unless you can work remotely from home but that is rare. In order to make money at a regular 9 to 5 you have to be there to work those hours.

You will end up working at least 10 hours a day if not less or sometimes more this is called an active income. Active income is when you have to work a certain amount of hours in ordered to get paid money. Working online gives you this passive income which is in short you can make money while you sleep.

To be honest who wouldn’t want to work from anywhere in the world right? I know I always dreamed of that as a kid traveling the world and love what I am doing and not be miserable. I bet you want to spend more time with family and friends since that is when we create those memorable memories if we are working all the time we can’t have those as much.

For a lot especially me the biggest thing was being able to work from home and work whenever I wanted and whenever I wanted. At a regular J.O.B you have a set time to work and get off of work and you really have no say into that schedule. For example working from home one day you can work in the morning then the next three days you can take off, and not have someone say you have to work.

These are just a few of many benefits to working as your own boss, but there are many more out there.

“Work For Your Dreams Not Someone Else’s Dreams”

We all have our own Dreams these Dreams will be different from mine and from others but the thing is you should always work for your own and not work for someone else’s. When we work a J.O.B technically we are working for someone else Dreams.

Unless you “Love What You Do And Do What You Love” then more to you because most don’t which is ok because there are ways to work towards your Dreams.

You see when you don’t love what you do then what happens?

You don’t want to be where you are, and don’t want to work where you work which ends you in being miserable and feeling stuck.

A question to ask you so you can reflect on it is this

What are your dreams?

For me here is one of my dreams it is being able to travel the world without having to deal with someone saying I can’t or I have a time limit to be back home. If you want to travel the world we will have something in common which is pretty cool.

Not Many Actually Live Life To The Fullest

This is something I have learned it is so true but sad at the same time. I say that this is a sad fact is because we truly aren’t working towards our dreams. Most of the time we are trading our time for money, when in reality we should be living and enjoying life to the fullest.

We all only have one life so why not live it to the fullest right?

I would think you would agree with this because when if you look at most people that don’t enjoy their J.O.B’s. Since they don’t they look forward to Mondays and always look forward to those Fridays. The weekends are cool and all but when you look at it everyday should be a day we enjoy and living to the fullest.

Life is too short not to live life to the fullest life is too short to be worrying about the small things in life, work towards your Dreams because someone will hire you to work for theirs.

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