This is my SCAM Review – Wolf Points Is A SCAM

Have you ever heard of wolf-points? Keep reading so I can show you why Wolf Points is a complete scam.

This whole post will show you all the nitty gritty details that will change your mind on joining even though it’s a free site to join. Who doesn’t like free stuff right?

Sometimes free things isn’t always what it seems like and sometimes they can do more harm then good lets get on with this scam review.

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What Is

This is the homepage below all you will see is this log in page and you can register to become a member for free. homepage

To me this is weird because there is no information about the company at all. Any legit site you would find some type of about page and other information that would help people know what the site is about.

Signing up for the site you will come to find out all you do is refer people to the site and do tasks to get money. This is what you would call a GPT (Get Paid To) site. These sites you do tasks to make money the money maker and real thing that Wolf Points SCAM wants you to do is refer people.

Do they really pay you the money that they say they will when you start to refer people and do the tasks?

To answer that question I will mention some other sites that are just like this one but they actually have home pages to look at.

Those are justa few of many more that are out there that you shoudl watch out for and not refer people to that site or any others.

How Does Work?

I mentioned above that you do tasks and refer people to make the money they are supposed to give you.

When you sign up you will see your referral link to have people sign up under you which you will get money for. Clicks on your link also get you money, the thing is do they really pay you when you reach your cash out limit?

Here are some of the pay outs that they say you can get for doing tasks, $2 for each click on your referral link, $35 per task that you do and $20 per person that signs up under you.

To be honest with you those pay outs seem way to high too be true. A legit GPT site doesn’t even pay out that much money look at SwagBucks you get a small amount of money per task. It will take you a long time in order to get $20 so this throws up red flags.

Some More Red Flags That Make Me Think This Site Is Fake

Who is the owner of To be honest with you we don’t know who the owner or creator of the website is. I look at that and I am like ok well who am I dealing with? I don’t like when I am not able to know who the person I am trusting with my information you know?

They don’t have a way to contact the owner or the company itself that right there makes me not like this website. Also it shows at the top of the internet browser that the site is not secure which a legit site will have the secure lock on there.

I don’t know about you but just these make me see wolf points as a scam and I wouldn’t trust this site at all.

Where Are The Payment Proofs?

To be honest there is none which is weird because you would think that there would be some type of proof to show people that youc an make money right?

I don’t like that much mostly because I want to know if others are making money and are getting paid by this company before I actually share iyou kknow?

Where Are The Testimonials?

i don’t see those neither so this tells me does this site really work? so far I am getting the feeling that since there are no payment proofs, no testimonials, no about page, no way to contact the owner or company looking like this site is fake.

I am just looking out and doing my best to give you the information that you will need to keep you away from scams like Wolf Points.

Is Wolf Points A Scam?

In my opinion yes it is they are selling you a dream of making quick easy money for really doing nothing but small tasks and referring people.

This is what I call a data harvesting scam all they are doing is taking your information and selling it to people for their profit. Plus when you do the tasks they make a small amount of money that they will keep and never give to you.

That is something I don’t like and if I find anymore scams like this you can come back here and read up share with your friends and family so they don’t fall for these scams.

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