It is crazy to think that one day our boss could come up to us and say “you’re fired” or “we have to let you go”. That is where the question What would you do if your boss let you go today? To be honest most of us don’t have a back up plan some saved money so they would be good for a bit. Others probably didn’t save a penny either, because they couldn’t or didn’t want to.

In a way we would be out of luck since we need money to pay bills and if we saved money, that will only last but so long before your savings run out.

Our 9 To 5 Jobs Are Never Safe

It is the sad truth it doesn’t matter how long we worked at this certain 9 to 5 we could always lose it. Look at what happened in the ression back about ten years ago? People worked at their 9 To 5 careers for years and still lost their J.O.Bs.

Even when we think we are not expendable in our profession, in reality we all are expendable if you think you aren’t you are to comfortable in your life. Some of us hate our J.O.Bs the others love their J.O.Bs and wouldn’t want to leave. Either way you can be at your 9 To 5 working the next day you are out. This can happen at any day anytime it doesn’t matter it is kind of crazy to think about wouldn’t you say?

A quote when I heard it stuck with me when I heard it “if we die our jobs will be filled faster than our obituary is posted”.

You Should Always Have A Plan B To Fall Back on

This could be done in different ways here are a few I do

  • Save Up Money
  • Have A Another Stream Of Income
  • Make Yourself A Passive Income

Save Up Money- 

We should always have an emergency stash of money put in a safe place. Like we all know having that emergency stash is always good to have just, in case if something happens we have a safety net. In this case if we lost our 9 To 5 you will have some money to get you buy to find another J.O.B

Have Another Stream Of Income- 

To be honest this could be anything from selling things on EBay, to having side hustle (skilled trade mechanic, electrician, roofer, contractor). There are a lot of other ways to have another stream of income these are a few examples, of things you can do without having a boss.

Make Yourself A Passive Income- 

What is a passive income you say? In short It is a way of earning money to where you can be sleeping, traveling doing things other than working and still make money. Some ways you can make a Passive Income are Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Influencer, Vlogging, there are plenty of other ways. All these ways though I will say can and will take time to make you money. This is why I say while at your 9 To 5 work on these ways, and you can use them whichever you want to do to eventually quit and be your own boss.

When you have a back up plan or plan B you will help yourself in the long run since we never know when that day will come.

Here I How You Can Get Out Of Your 9 To 5 And Work Towards Your Dreams

Love What You Do And Do What You Love

I only bring this up because it is the truth when you are working under someone you should always love what you do and do what you love. The reason being is if you look at it why work for someone else’s dreams if you don’t love what you do? To be honest you shouldn’t you should always find what you love to do and keep working there.

Life is way to short to hate what you do and just live for the weekends, this ties into your job not being safe and what would you do if your boss let you go today? It really wouldn’t much of a loss if you lost the job you hate, the only real loss would be you lost your job.

Like I said it is always nice to have that plan B to have your back backed up so you aren’t sturggeling, trying to find something fast so you can pay your bills.

Do You Have Dreams You Want To Achieve Outside Of Your 9 To 5?

I can already guess this answer and it is a YES am I right? Leave your answer in the comments also what are your dreams you want to achieve?

I know for a fact I have a lot of dreams I want to achieve and they will be before my boss says I am let go. Also, I get hurt, sick and can’t work so I lose out on money, because working equals out to an Active Income.

What is an Active Income? In short, it is where we have to work a certain amount of hours in a day to make money. Every hour equals out to a certain amount of money we work. For example just say you work 48 hours a week an hour you get $17 an hour before taxes it is roughly $900. You don’t work all those hours you will get less money than that, this why passive income is better.

A few of my dreams travel the world, be my own boss, spend more time with my family and friends, work when I want when I want and a lot more.

You might have some of the same dreams as me one thing I will say is this. Working for someone else is cool if you love what you do even if you don’t, you could always work on your own business eventually be your own boss while working at a 9 To 5 pretty cool huh?

How Can I Be My Own Boss?

There are plenty of ways to work to be your own boss while working at a job your not promised tomorrow. I mentioned a few earlier in this post here are some of them again.

Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Vlogging, Social Media Influencer there are different programs online that you can promote which will eventually give you a passive stream of income.

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing is what I do to make money online, with this training I learned everything I needed to know about it all. It does take work, but that hard work pays out in the end. Vlogging is what I want to do next since it is another free traffic source and it gets your word out pretty cool stuff to learn.

With all that being said our 9 To 5 J.O.Bs are never safe we can have them one day and lose them the next. I listed some ways you should or could do to help you be your own boss, and have another stream of income so if that day does come you will be good.

You have any questions feel free to ask in the comments

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