My Happiness Will Look Different From Yours.

In life, we always should be happy and find it even when the days get dark life is too short to stay dwelling in the negative times. Life is what you make it if you want to be happy find the things that make you happy and do those things. Life won’t wait time keeps ticking,

Some things I find that makes me happy some of what makes me happy could be the same as mine but, they also could be different.

This is one of the many things that make me happy is being out on the lake or really any type of water. From the river to the ocean I am all for it, I can look at this picture and get pulled back to this time. Lake Anna in good old VA this was a beautiful summer day living my life to the fullest and working towards my dreams.

It was so quiet and peaceful out on the lake just paddling my way up and down through the water. It was a good day with friends and nature all around. It was good exercise plus at the time I didn’t have a care in the world since my thoughts disappeared and I was living life in the moment.

I love going out on the lake especially early in the morning before the sunrise or right before the sunsets the way the light shines across the water is a scene you won’t forget.

That big ball of fire which rises every morning and sets every night. That helps bring life to our planet.

It’s a beautiful sight to witness the beauty some take for granted.

The sky beaming on the horizon with hues of orange, pink and a little hint of fiery red. It is mesmerizing for the eye to see.

This scene every morning when I see it ignites a fire inside me to keep pushing through life so I can achieve my goals and live out my dreams.

There’s more to life than to just go to work, pay bills, grow old and die.

If you want to change your life you can there are a lot of ways to work online live that free life and do what you want on your own time

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it put in the work, set goals, have a positive mind, find the right program. Grind until you shine so you don’t get left behind by the dreamers, action takers and believers.

It has happened to me and now my mindset is set on the prize of living wild and free are you with me?

I hope so just believe

I love sunrises and sunsets they are beautiful and it brings thoughts to me that I am blessed to see another sunrise and sunset. This is a big thing that makes me happy in this life full of uncertainty, I am always looking forward to the rising sun and the sun setting everyday it fills me with joy when I see this scene.

This is me walking gracefully down a path that I know I walk it everyday being in nature helps me meditate, also to get my mind back straight from all the stresses of the day I find it as therapy for the mind, body and soul.

It makes me happy to spend my short days watch nature live free it is an inspiration to go for my dreams and the live my life freely. Nature has a calming effect to me so I enjoy it any time I get.

Seeing the birds singing their songs in the trees seeing little bugs travels through the rocks and leaves That lay on the ground to me it may seem small, but to them they are huge like a skyscraper touching the sky.

It is always nice to unwind and recharge the mind with the power or nature by your side.

Next up is being with my dog Jupiter he is a dog I consider to be like family and my best friend. If I am down-and-out he is right there by my side no matter what is going on. Jupiter is there always trying to please me and make me smile even when I don’t want to.

Today is the 4th of July I am happy today glad to be home and spending my time with the ones I love. Truly loving life and leaving the negative behind if I don’t it will home me back from living out my dream life with Jupiter by my side.

Jupiter may be stubborn sometimes and I may get frustrated I can say one thing about this is that I wouldn’t change it for the world. Jupiter is one of a kind his breed may get a bad rap but he is the biggest baby I have ever met. He thinks he is a lap dog despite him having an 80 pound frame, to him he doesn’t mind as long as he is getting attention and making you happy he is happy.

These are a few things that make me happy everyday I could spend my time doing all these things every day and not get bored with it one bit.

So my question to you is that what makes you happy? For all of us it is different but find those and use them to your advantage to live out your dreams and live the life you have always wanted to live even if other say it is impossible to do that.

one last thing is this Love Life, Live Life remember #nodreamisimpossible

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