Right now as you are reading this there will be hundreds, thousands if not many more Trading Their Time For Money. We all have done it at some point in our lives, you are probably Trading Time For Money right now. For some they Love What They do so they keep working their precious hours away.

There are also the ones that probably more than likely hate their J.O.B’s, they just don’t know how to get out and stay in their Confort Zone also Trading Their Time For Money. All these people they have one thing in common, also they have a big difference in their lives it is.

What They Have In Common?

They are Trading Their Time For Money

What Are The Differences?

One half “Love What They Do And Do What’s they love” the other half hates or despises what they do for a living.

Trading Time For Money What Is It?

When you are Trading Time For Money this is also called an Active Income, it is an easy process to Trade Your Time For Money. Basically the process goes like this, you get a J.O.B (Just Over Broke) you work a certain amount of hours a day (Trading Your Time) for some money at the end of the week or by-weekly (every two weeks).

The amount of precious time you trade in a week is what determines your pay (Active Income).

Why You Shouldn’t Trade Your Time For Money

There are different reasons for everyone to not Trade Their Precious Time For Money here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

  • You Can’t Get Back Your Time
  • You Hate Your J.O.B
  • You Are Working For Someone Else Dreams

You Can’t Get Back Your Time

When you really look at it in life it flies by so fast, that sometimes we really don’t get to enjoy our own lives because we are busy doing other things. A lot of the time these things include a J.O.B (Just Over Broke), that takes up the majority of our days Mon-Fri.

In these days we are at our J.O.B Our Time Is Being Traded For Money which in this time we can’t get back our time but our money we can get back. You can make money anytime you want to from selling things, to working another J.O.B, freelance work, you name you can make money from it.

When it comes to our time we can’t get that back, as you sit at work looking at the clock as the seconds tick on by waiting to get off. Those Seconds, Minutes and Hours you can’t get those back, as much as some of us want to have a time machine or a Delorean (Back To The Future Movie) to turn back time we just can’t.

It is one sad truth sometimes I even wish I had a time machine but hey one thing I have always believed is this.

“Everything Happens For a Reason”

We all just have to live and learn as time goes by. Love Life and find the things you Love to do especially when it comes to your career you want to Love that too.

Do You Hate Your J.O.B ?

Not many of us like what we do for a living there are others that do love what they do which is good. When it comes to your J.O.B we just dread going in for 8-10 hours a day all week-long. To be honest this isn’t the way to live life we should want to go and give 100% at the work we do.

We should all want to “Love What We Do And Do What We Love” we shouldn’t dread working for a dead end J.O.B all week getting nowhere in Life. We should all want to strive to be our best selves and love our lives and not dread it.

Now if you have found your Dream J.O.B you truly love what you do then hey keep doing it makes a difference in your life and others.

We Are Working For Someone Else’s Dreams

This is 100% true when working for someone else meaning you are not the boss you work under someone else and they sign you paycheck. Since you are not the boss you can’t determine how much you get paid you have to work for someone else. Which isn’t all bad but at the same time it actually is since you aren’t working for your own Dreams.

When you are working under someone else you are working for the owners Dreams they are the ones that get paid the big bucks while you are making pennies.

You Can Find Out How To Be Your Own Boss Here

Working for someone else Dreams have a lot of drawbacks depending on your goals. Yeah it can have some positives to but for me and I know a lot of others would agree the negatives out weigh the positives. Don’t get stuck at a J.O.B you hate always work towards your Dreams because it will pay off in the end.

Why You Should Trade Your Time For Money

To be honest there really isn’t to many positives to Trading Your Time For Money there are some. When working somewhere for a paycheck a positive is that you are almost guaranteed money weekly or no-weekly. This is because when we work for someone else, working an hourly wage which means every hour we work we get paid some money.

It doesn’t matter if you work 10 hours or 56 hours a week you are still going to get paid no matter what this is Active Income. Your boss determines how much you are worth to the company by how much they pay you hourly or salary. If you don’t have a certain amount of qualifications to get a promotion even if you know what you are doing you will hit that dreaded glass ceiling.

You can see your promotion but can’t get there because your boss says you aren’t qualified to get promoted pretty sad if you ask me.

You Love What You Do

To be honest with you if you love what you do and actually love going to work and trading your time for money this is another positive. We should always love what we do no matter what it is if you feel your times is worth working at this J.OB or career it may be your Dream Career.

In this case working for someone else isn’t all that bad if you find the sacrifices you make are worth making. I say this because it is ultimately your life and when it comes down to it your happiness is the ultimate thing in life.

Trading Your Time For Money Is It Worth It In The End?

This will all depend from person to person since we all have our likes and dislikes. We all have different Dreams that we want to accomplish in life. When you really look at it you have to outweigh the pros and cons of Trading Time For Money, to your life and see if it is worth quitting your J.O.B and becoming your Own Boss and follow your Dreams whatever that may be. Or is staying at the J.O.B you are at and Trading Time For Money is something you love to do.

When it comes down to your happiness and what you value in life will make others look at you funny. I will say don’t let others opinions and negativity deter you from living out your Dreams.

In life I believe “No Dream Is Impossible Unless In Your Mind You Already Believe Your Dreams Are Impossible”

For me I see Trading Time For Money is one of the worst ways to make money. Yeah you can make money weekly and bi-weekly. The only thing is I don’t see working for someone else Dreams and Trading My Precious Time For Money is worth it to me.

So what am I doing to succeed and live out my dreams?

I am working as my own business to get to my dreams it takes hard work. Working online and creating my business from scratch. In the end this is all this hard work is worth it to me Check It Out Here You will See What I Mean.

Remember to Love Life, Live Life and keep Dreaming start building your foundation of your own yellow brick road that will lead to your dreams so you can eventually live wild and free.






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