Dreams Can Be Lonely And Long Sometimes

The reason being is because some people don’t understand your dreams and goals. They will think they are impossible to get to, sometimes there are the haters that will bring you down, because they don’t want you to change for the better but only stay the same.

Some will just think your goals and dreams are crazy. In reality they are crazy for thinking what you want in life is crazy. See your dreams and goals are yours to make happen not others. If you really want something go out and get it becaue if you don’t nobody else will get it for you.

The road can be long but it is what you make of it is what really counts. If you really believe traveling the world is a dream of yours if you believe it you can get it just ACTION is a big thing you have to take. It may take a while to drive down that sometimes lonely road to your dreams and goals but if one person can do it you can you just have to believe.

Being on a road nobody really treks down can be a good thing it will bring challenges, fourtnes, misfourtunes and all the thinsg in between but life is just like that so all you have to do is go for it and take the prize. Sometimes being lonely can be a good thing since it teaches you things about yourself that if you were with others you would have never discovered.

These things can be both and good you get to find out your weaknesses and make them into strengths and your strengths and just grow as a person. Eventually you will find people on this road you follow and you could learn from them too. Along the way you will find someone who will be a mentor to you to teach you everything they know. Like in the Karate Kid where Daniel LaRusso gets taken under the wing of Mr. Miyagi he teaches him everything he knows eventually that will happen to you (a really good movie if you haven’t seen it but I think everybody has at least once).

You will find new friends along the way eventually which is a good thing you can bounce ideas off eachother when that time comes.


In beginning it will feel like you don’t have anybody on your side unless you do have some really supportive family and friends. If you don’t to be honest dont listen to the negativity they might spew out at you because they don’t believe it is possibe. If you give into the negativity then you will eventually quit and not get to your dreams. The path may look like nobody really goes down it but if your gut tells you to go then go. 

What is the worst that can really happen?

In my humble opinion it is that you will fail you could fail once, twice maybe even three or more times. One thing I have learned though is FAILING there is nothing wrong with FAILING. In reality FAILING IS A BLESSING IN DIGUISE (check out the article).

See from my experience and I would bet money for others to that FAILURE is way to have you learn. It is always good to fail since you learn from the experience and if you look at it in a positive light you will see the good in the failure. 

Follow Your Gut While On This Long Sometimes Lonely Journey

Following your gut is your intuition kicking in telling you to do this or do that listen to it. Once you start listening to yourself you will get out of the habit of second guessing yourself. Once this happens on your road to your dreams and dream life, you will be lead through the harshest of conditions and still come out in the warm clear weather a better person.

Your gut or intuition can be the best thing to help you along your way besides when your mentor or others give you tips because when you are there alone you have you, yourself and I. If you only have you, yourself and I then you won’t have others to rely on for tips. Even when you have friends and your mentor always listen to your gut and or intuition because you have your own path. Sometimes you have to veer off for a while to stay on your path since your path is different then others. If this happens which it will eventually just remember to stay positive and be happy the ones who work will reap the rewards.

You and your friends and or mentor will meet back up when the time is right since everything happens for a reason. Have fun when you are with them learn what you can and when you have to leave again always use those teachings for you and your journey plus others that you might see on the way and it could help them to. 

In life on our journeys down a long sometimes lonely road nobody really knows there will be negatives and positives hardships and warm clear days in the end it will all be worth it since we will meet friends that will be brothers and sisters that will be there till the end when you see the light it will bring you in spin you around once or twice maybe ten just remember you will get to live out your dreams until the end.

remember love life, live life and #nodreamisimpossible

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