I personally have invested in Summit Social Academy I want to give you my honest thoughts on their Summit Bootcamp. The Summit Bootcamp is where I actually started I came across Summit Social Academy through Instagram. Before this I had already had a blog I created it back in 2017, when I came across a few different training programs one of them was Wealthy Affiliate. I won’t get into detail on that let’s just say it helped some, but not a lot Summit Social Academy gave me more options and grow more as an entrepreneur.

In this Summit Social Academy Review I will give you a sneak peek from a person on the inside of how Summit Bootcamp can help you or not. Let’s get into the review of Summit Social Academy so you can make your own decision on whether Summit Bootcamp is worth your $7 bucks.

My Summit Social Academy Review Is It Legit Or A Scam?

SSA is an online training platform they teach you through video format on how to build your own online business.


Phil’s and Justin they both have been their own bosses working as their own bosses for some years now. Before Summit Social Academy came around they were helping others with training they created. Plus helping others grow their social media like Instagram.

They have the experience to help you start your own online business. When you first sign up to the Summit Bootcamp you will be introduced to both Phil & Justin, they both will guide you through the videos as if they were right there step by step.

Summit Social Academy is a pretty new company they started back in April 2018.

Is Summit Social Academy Legit Or A Scam?

To be honest SSA is totally 100% Legit they are a company that actually gives you something of value. In the form of teaching you how to create your path in the online world. We live in the digital age now where everything is transitioning to being online.

When you first sign up to Summit Social Academy all you have to do is click the link put in your payment details after payment is confirmed you can get right into the training. You will have lifetime access to Summit Bootcamp when you pay your $7

Besides all the training you will get they offer a 3-day money back guarantee which is pretty cool that’s if you aren’t satisfied with what you got.

Summit Social Academy Courses

1. Summit Bootcamp

2. Social Media Kickstarter

3. Legacy Coaching

4. All In Bundle

5. Affiliate Program

Summit Bootcamp

This includes video training that is set up into a 5 part video series. This also includes the community we have on Facebook. In the community you will get to be in contact with SSA’s contributors the owners Phil & Justin plus other entrepreneurs both on the newbie level and experienced entrepreneurs.

Also, you get to be on live calls that they will have which is pretty cool these are helpful in the way of them being motivational with success stories. You also can ask questions and if you miss a call there will be replays available. When you sign up and pay your $7 for the Summit Bootcamp you will be assigned a mentor, this is the person you signed up with. You will get access to them you can go to them or even the community if you need help with anything. This is an aspect I have really liked about SSA, is you have a helpful community and a helpful mentor.

In the Summit Bootcamp there is 11 videos in total, these videos go over the basic and fundamentals of how to create your online business. They go over how you can implement social media also sets the stage for what you can expect later in the training. In these videos you also get downloadable PDF’s which can help you they helped me, the tricks they give you on social media was one of my favorite parts. Social media is an important aspect in your online business you can implement what they talk about in the videos straight away.

Social Media Kick Starter

This includes everything that is included in Summit Bootcamp you also will get a whole new set of training you can watch these videos at your pace.

There are different modules these include


  • Branding Series
  • Legal Series
  • IG Fundamentals
  • IG Organic Growth
  • FB Fundamentals
  • Pinterest
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • The Blog Drive

This is where you will start to learn the more advanced training as you can see it goes over a lot of social media training, like I said before social media a powerful tool in your online business.

You get to learn how to effectively create your brand and be an authority. It is always good to know some legal stuff that goes behind your business. For example if you have a blog they go over on creating privacy policies and disclaimers on your blog so if something happens you are covered.

A lot of people who work online rely on affiliate marketing so they can make money online so that is where affiliate marketing 101 comes into play. This is something that we should all know everything you need to know about affiliate marketing is right here in that module.

The Blog Drive is one I have used to help me tweak my blog and make it better than it was before. This module is all about making and creating a blog if a blog isn’t what you want then that is cool there are other options Summit Social Academy offers.


  • Service Based Online Businesses
  • Influencer Mastery
  • Funnel Fundamentals
  • Summit Influencer
  • Email Marketing

Unlike with Create where you are learning how to do affiliate marketing, blogging fundamentals to Facebook and Instagram. Here in ignite you will get know how to really step up your social media game on how to real grow it. Plus you will learn what a social media Influencer is and how you can become one yourself. This goes into learning how to get Influencer deals with big and small companies.

Email marketing is a skill you will learn in this section also how to create your own sales funnels. Which will help you get leads which leads will eventually turn into cash.


  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • YouTube Training
  • Instagram Shoutouts
  • Course Builder Formula
  • Advanced Pinterest

In accelerate you will get to know all about FB and IG ads how to them correctly the videos go into detail on what you, need to do this some really good information when you are ready to start investing in ads.

YouTube training is one of my favorites another really good skill that goes into detail on the ins and outs of the YouTube platform.

The rest with IG shoutouts, course builder formula and advanced Pinterest are all at your disposal and teach you how it is all done. This is pretty cool to me I have learned a lot with all of these. Plus once you start implementing all of this you will enjoy some free traffic that comes with it.


  • Business Toolkit (Lanna)
  • Branding (Jade)
  • Transformation (Alexandra)

This is the last of the courses you can get after you buy the Summit Bootcamp this is taught by three ladies each of them experts in their own field. You get live calls if you miss one there are replays available which is cool. These are some more advanced training and if you can I would highly recommend checking it out when you are on the inside of SSA.


With this you will get everything I mentioned above so instead of buying all of them separately you have a choice of buying all the courses in a bundle deal. Now this is optional you can pick and choose what you want and need you know?

I see it as it is a good thing you aren’t forced to do anything you have a choice on what you want and what you don’t want. Some programs you buy one thing and they make it seem like you need the other stuff.


This is optional not many other programs out there let you have a choice to be an affiliate or not. Here at Summit Social Academy if you feel like you really like what they offer, and you feel like you want to be an affiliate then do it. I have always been the type of person to like having options, it’s not cool when you are forced to do something you don’t want to you know?

With All That Being Said

There is a lot of training and benefits in Summit Social Academy you get to learn what you need to learn to start up your own online business. This is cool because once you start learning then you can start implementing once that happens eventually traffic and money coming your way.

This all leads to you quitting your 9 To 5 so you can start living the life you have always wanted to. Now is Summit Social Academy legit?

Yes, it is legit you get valuable training and information when you get started with that $7 for Summit Bootcamp. You learn everything you need to learn in one spot. You don’t have to go and find training spend money on it and it not works or spend more than what you should, because you are investing in multiple programs.

You can get plugged in here will I see you in the inside?

Any questions on anything leave them down in the comments.


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