What Is Summit Affiliate (Summit Social Academy)?


Summit Affiliate is a program through video training that teaches you how to build a business online not just with a blog or with a sales funnel. Summit Affiliate is a program that will teach you how to leverage social media, which in turn you can get free traffic to your affiliate links. This training will teach you free traffic methods, paid traffic methods, how to build your own brand and authority in the online space.

There are a lot more training on the inside it is crazy how much information there is to be taught to you. One of the things I really like about the video training is that you can go at your own pace. The videos are so easy to follow they are all organized in easy to follow order.

One thing I have noticed that makes Summit Affiliate different compared to other programs out there is that, with Summit Affiliate all the training are set up so you can find a path for you to build your business and eventually make money. With other programs it is a one size fits all type of programs so they claim it is.

What do I mean by one size fits all?

It is where you are only given one way to make money online when there is a lot of different ways to make money online. For example a program that you see online that you find like it is a good legit program, then you find out they only provide one way of making money online which is through blogging.

With that being said blogs aren’t the only way to make money online this is where Summit Affiliate comes into play. With Summit Affilate they give you training on how to create a blog if you want to, but they also give you training on how to be a social media influencer, a vlogger, social media manager, to many other ways. Keep reading you will find out exactly what i mean and see if Summit Affiliate is the right fit for you starting with the Summit Bootcamp.


  • Justin
  • Phil

Justin and Phil are the masterminds that put their heads together to go from a thought to create it into reality which is what we know now as Summit Affiliate. You will see both of their faces in a lot of the training on the inside of Summit Affiliate.


Price- Starting point is $7 going up to $3K

Social Media BluePrint & Summit Affiliate Bootcamp-$7

This is where you will start out it has two products in it Social Media Blueprint & Summit Affiliate Bootcamp for only $7. You will go through 9 videos which teach you the fundamentals of online business. Which both of these products includes Affiliate Marketing, and how to leverage Social Media (Social Media Marketing).

Along with this you get to join the Summit Insiders Community Facebook group. In this group you will get access to the owners Justin and Phil plus other successful entrepreneurs and newbies in the online world. You can ask your questions about whatever it is that deals with Summit Affiliate or anything business related.

Finally you will get a questionnaire which you fill out and gives you access to a masterclass, gives you more information and you learn about the next steps to take. After this masterclass you will be the one to carve your path out in the vast online world.

Social Media Kickstarter- $1,197 (has a payment plan)

There are a lot of companies and programs out there one thing about Summit Affiliate that makes them different is their interactive clickable roadmaps. These roadmaps are pretty sick you can click on whatever path there is. For example if you wanted to be a blogger, you would find the blogger roadmap these roadmaps takes you to all the training that will help you get to starting a blog.

Another example of you wanted to be a Social Media Influencer this is totally possible all you would do is find the Social Media Influencer Roadmap. Which will lead you to all the training to get you on your Social Media Influencing career pretty cool huh?

These roadmaps make it easier for you to pick what you want to do and a more organized faster way to get you where you want to be you know?

Another thing is that with the Social Media Kickstarter is that Justin and Phil know they can’t be an expert in every field in the online world. What they did was they found contributors that specialize in that specific field, so we all can benefit from their expertise.

Inside the Social Media Kickstarter there are three sections these are

  • Create- Is all about creating the foundations of your business.
  • Ignite- Is all about building out the structure of your online business.
  • Accelerate- Is l about getting traffic that is consistent into your business.

Inside of the Social Media Kickstarter training you will find training on anything dealing with Social Media Marketing. From Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

To other parts of your business like learning to create funnels (sales funnels), blogging, Email Marketing, branding, all the way to paid advertising plus there is a lot more to.

This pretty cool since SA goes above and beyond to make sure no stone is unturned in the online world. There is also a Facebook groups specifically for the Social Media Kickstarter. This lets you get into discussions about the Social Media Kickstarter training and get help with that when needed.

Legacy Coaching- $2,997 (has a payment plan)

Inside Legacy Coaching you will get 3 courses by 3 different successful ladies in their own fields these are

  • Lanna Hill- Business Toolkit
  • Jade Scarfone- Branding
  • Alexandra Prince- Transformation

You also get coaching in the form of weekly calls with Legacy Coaching from the contributors to Summit Affiliate. You can only get access to Legacy coaching whenever you have bought another product within Summit Affiliate. The only reason this is before, you get coaching you should get understand all the basics with your online business.

SA’s Affiliate Program

What would Summit Affiliate be without it’s own affiliate program?

Now SA is more than just an affiliate program as you can see with all the training you get plus support which is awesome. Me personally what I like about Summit Affiliate’s affiliate program is the fact you get 40% commissions on all the products you own. What I mean is just say you buy the Social Media Kickstarter you will get commissions from that plus Social Media Blueprint & Summit Affiliate Bootcamp, when someone buys those products. If someone decides to buy into the Legacy coaching you will not get that commission since you don’t own it.

With you becoming an affiliate you can try the affiliate program for a full month for just $1. This include additional training, done for you sales funnels and emails you can edit to send to your own email list. After that you will pay $97 a month if you decide to keep being an affiliate and promoting SA. You also get to join another Facebook group which has calls to help you out as an affiliate.

Now being an affiliate for Summit Affiliate is totally optional it is not required at all.

Who Is Summit Affiliate For?

Summit Affiliate is for anyone who wants to build a business online, someone who wants to work online but doesn’t have any idea on how to, someone with an existing business and wants to learn how to use social media to promote their business.

To be honest anybody can benefit from SA since they have products for anybody. They aren’t a one size fits all program SA can trailer to anybody that wants to learn how to build their own business online. If you are willing to WORK on your business and treat it like a business then Summit Affiliate is the right fit for you.

Who Is Summit Affiliate Not For?

Summit Affiliate is Here to help people create a business online you will have to put in WORK to see results. So if you are wanting to get a freebie or want to get-rich-quick to be honest this isn’t for you. This is because there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick program. Anybody that says that they can get you rich quick is trying to get your money.

My Experience With Summit Affiliate And Final Thoughts

I am actually really happy I have found Summit Affiliate with their IG training I have learned the ins and outs of IG and growing my following. To learning how to tweak my blog (which you are on now) to make it work 100% better than before. One thing I was clueless about when I first started with SA was how much an email list is huge in growing your own business.

The community and support within has helped me with any questions I have had, like you probably know getting stuck is bound to happen. So getting help and having others willing to help you is priceless. I knew what a funnel was and how it worked, but I had no clue how to build one from scratch. Thanks to Summit Affiliate and their training I know how to grow my following on IG, build my email list, build funnels that converts into $$, helped me make my blog even better.

I can’t forget to mention Summit Affiliate has taught me how to grow my online business which is opening my eyes to everything that is possible in the online world. I have always believed no dream is impossible unless you make it impossible with your thoughts and actions.

If you want to know more Click Here

I hope this helps you that is what I am here to do and I love helping others do what they love.

Leave comments below if you have any questions on anything I will get back to you ASAP.







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