This is my Paid 4 Clout Review – Replaced (Scam)

Another data harvesting scam popped up. This one replaced the ever so popular Clout Pay.

All they want to do is steal your information. So they can sell it to others for their profit.

Now let’s get into the review

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What Is Paid 4 Clout?

This is another data harvesting scam that popped up recently. It replaced the popular Clout Pay but that site went down.

If you try and go onto it redirects you to

Which should say to you that something isn’t right. A legit company wouldn’t up and change their name.

The reason they changed their name is because they want to keep the scam going.

The things that you will be doing to get paid is this.

  • Refer people
  • Do $30 surveys
  • Make a $50 YouTube submission
  • A click on your referral link is $2

These are the things that you do to get paid this fake money.

How they hook people in is by selling them a dream of getting money fast. $25 just for signing up for a free account.

To be honest there is no realty company that will pay you that much.

There are other sites like this called

  • CashLoad
  • Referral Pay
  • Clout Bucks (formerly Viral Pay and Viral Dollars)

The list goes on and on I don’t think they will ever stop.

Since many people don’t know any better. They think getting free fast money is legit.

Since they aren’t being scammed out of money. These unsuspecting people don’t believe their are actually being scammed.

In reality you are being scammed of a lot of your personal information.

  • Email
  • First and Last Name
  • PayPal/other payment information
  • phone number
  • password

For instance if you put in your name your email. If you used the same email and password for other accounts.

These scammers could take this information. Then hack your accounts by the intonation you provided them.

Selling your information to others for their profit. This is a real booming business in which they make huge money for.

Your information once in the wrong hands. They can do what they want with them.

These third party sites that the task wall provides you. Are offers but they are harvesting your data to.

How this happening is because you will put your personal information there also.

Since they take your information these scammers could sell your information to.

I wouldn’t trust this one bit there is no gain for you.

You might see the money amount in your back office go up. Once you go and cash out they will close your account for fraud.

Then your friends and family could be mad because they didn’t get paid.

Fast Free Money is not possible without work.

This is totally true though if you want fast money a job is the best way. Other than that it takes a good while to earn good money.

Clout Pay is a total scam which is now Paid For Clout.

I mentioned above how they keep up this Scam is change their name. Since their name changed new people won’t know about the scam.

The old people that just got scammed will try and tell others. Like on my video I did on Clout Pay they said I was wrong.

Said that Clout Pay was legit but in reality it isn’t. They never got paid and it is sad to see.

A lot of people getting scammed of their information you know?

That is why I write these reviews on my websites. Like so I can expose the scams.

So you don’t have to deal with these people scamming you.

Keep reading this Paid 4 Clout Review

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Paid 4 Clout (Clout Pay) Is A Total Scam Stay Away

You should share with your friends and family so they won’t get scammed.

Paid 4 Clout has some payment proof but they aren’t real. These payment proof can be faked.

They are all fake you will notice video testimonials these are all fake. You can tell they are scripted actors.

All of these paid actors are from a site called or similar site.

These reason they have fake testimonials is so they can make their site look more legit.

In reality if you do your own research you will notice they are fake.

If you go and watch those testimonials you will notice one thing. They don’t say Paid 4 Clout they said Clout Pay.

Why is this?

This is because they haven’t gotten around to changing everything. So if you did look at those it would sound like a scam don’t you think?

Stay away I promise you nobody will get paid.

Keep reading this Paid 4 Clout Review to find out how you create your own online business.

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Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this Paid 4 Clout Review.

Also share this with your friends and famil. This is balatant Scam that you should stay away from.

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