One of the programs you will see on blogs doing reviews is a program called Wealthy Affiliate in these reviews you will see mostly positive reviews that will be mostly biased reviews. I said it the ones reviewing Wealthy Affiliate in a positive way are biased they may say that this is a totally unbiased review. To be totally honest with you there is no such thing as a 100% unbiased review on anything in the money making online niche.

Why There Is No 100% Unbiased Wealthy Affiliate Reviews

I only bring this up because I see a lot of people saying their review of Wealthy Affiliate is 100% unbiased, but this is untrue and here is why. The reason why this is untrue and their review is biased is, because they want you to buy into Wealthy Affiliate, so they can make a commission from the sale they make.

There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to make money online at all it is when you say your review is unbiased but it actually is biased. You have an incentive to say everything you can that is positives about this company and try not to mention to many negatives. We all know to many negatives can make us decide if we want to buy something or not.I

The reviews they make on some of their review sites that revolve around making money online programs a lot will do a bait and switch. Use a click bait title

My Take On Wealthy Affiliate And Wealthy Affiliate Review

Just say you see one of their reviews on WA and you decide to buy into WA you will have two choices to choose from the

Free Starter Membership

You get two free siterubix websites a few free training courses enough to get you toes wet but not enough to teach you a lot. There is enough information to get your site up and running but to get the full experience you have to pay money. An incentive is you get to be an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate from the get go so you can promote WA and still get paid money if people decide to upgrade to premium.

Premium Membership

As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you will have to pay $50 a month to stay a member or even pay $359 a year. You get all the training courses, a community that can help with questions the only downfall to this is some people answering your question could be a newbie just like you. The community doesn’t just have experienced entrepreneurs there are also newbies to. So the community can be a hit or a miss but they can be supportive though so that’s a good thing.

You get 50 websites that are hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate platform you get 25 domains that you can buy and 25 free siterubix sites. It seems to me like Wealthy Affiliate has tried to make everything a one stop shop, so you have training, community, websites all in one place. This can be a double-edged sword because if you look at it like this some people have mentioned that WA’s community is like a paid Facebook.

To be honest I kind of agree with this why I say this is all because of this one reason. You pay to have a community which isn’t all that bad it is nice to have like minded people to connect with. What I don’t like about it is that you can (not saying you will) get caught up in the social aspect of Wealthy Affiliate. Spending more time talking to people the social aspect is put there in your face when you log in. Spending less time working on your website which should be all of our focus is to work on our business first then socialize later you know?

Wealthy Affiliate Features

  • SiteComments
  • SiteFeedback
  • Live Chat
  • Website Hosting
  • Affiliate Program
  • Private Messaging
  • Training Videos
  • Weekly Live Training


A feature that the people of Wealthy Affiliate can use how SiteComments works is if you have your website hosted on WA’s platform, you can go and request comments on your website. The thing is there is a credit system with SiteComments you will have to read and comment on two different blog posts. Before you can even get your one credit so you can cash it in for a comment yourself, you will have to wait for the person that wrote the post to accept your comment. Now if the person doesn’t feel like your comment is good enough for them to accept your comment you will not get your credit.

A feature that Wealthy Affiliate implemented into SiteComments back in 2018 is that you can become a certified commenter which you can get paid money for your comments.

How To Become A Certified Commentor

  • Write 50 Comments
  • Approval Of 80% Or Higher
  • Skip Rater Of 20% Or Less

This all has to be done in 30 days if you can’t then it will go back to a clean slate, even if you get to be a certified commentor the same thing happens after 30 days it goes back to a clean slate. You Will have to do the 50 comments 80% comment approval rate and 20% or less skip rate.

There is an incentive to being a certified commentor is you will be able to get paid money for it, but there is a catch it is only $.50 cents ever other comment. For example once you get to be a certified commentor you will have to do two comments in order to get 50 cents. For me I see that as a lot of work in order to get money and a small amount of money at that you know?

So if you have a lot of time on your hands and feel it is worth the money then go ahead and do it, but for me I don’t see it worth it at all. Yeah, it is nice getting comments on your posts that you post on your blog they aren’t organic comments they are all coming from Wealthy Affiliate. There has been complaints on SiteComments to by other members, some complaints are about then requesting comments and the comments they get aren’t quality comments.

These comments are short and some are comments that have nothing to do with the post its self. This doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t get quality comments I just thought I would mention that since getting those credits takes a lot of time and work to get.


Is almost like SiteComments the only difference is SiteComments is public and on your website and is a comment on your blog post. SiteFeedback is different, because you are asking for feedback on your blog basically you will see a request they will tell you what they want feedback on. You will answer with your feedback and tell them what you feel they should tweak in order for them to be able to better their website.

In order to get credits you will do the same as SiteComments do two request you will get a credit and you can request one on your site, you just won’t get paid for it like with SiteComments.

Live Chat

Live chat is a feature that is good and bad the good thing about live chat is if you need help fast then you can just type in your question there. This is if you can’t find what you are looking for in the search bar, or you don’t want to post a blog on Wealthy Affiliate about your question.

The bad part about live chat is that it can be hard to keep track of the conversation because it is multiple people talking, on live chat which is a small column on the right side of the screen. So if you want to use it then it is cool but not something I use at all, since it is not worth the time.


Website Hosting

Not many programs out there that teach you how to make money online will provide you a service on their platform, to host your own website that is included with your monthly or yearly payment. That is a perk to Wealthy Affiliate, because if you were to go out and find hosting for your website with a different company it could cost a good few hundred a year.

With WA for hosting, training, community and all the other perks you pay $50 a month which equals out to about $600 a year. This is why you could say it is a good thing to keep your website hosted on Wealthy Affiliate, but the downside is that just say something happens to WA (I am not saying anything will they have been around since 2005). You will lose your website and everything on WA so if that happens then all your hard work is gone.

This is totally up to you whether you host your site on Wealthy Affiliate or host it elsewhere I see it as you should do what is best for you. I will mention one thing though is that just say you sign up to WA and then you host your website on their platform, later down the road you want to host it somewhere else there will be some work in order for you to move your site to another hosting company.

Affiliate Program

Just like most online training programs Wealthy Affiliate has its own affiliate program which you can take advantage of whether you are a free starter member or a premium.

What Is Included With The Affiliate Program

If you are a free starter member and you refer someone to WA you will get paid $4 of the $19 special offer and $11.75 monthly.

If you upgrade and you are a Premium member you refer someone to WA will get paid $8 of the $19 special offer and $23.50 monthly. Just say your referral upgrades to yearly then you will get $175,

There is another “perk” other than getting paid money for every referral you refer to Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that if you refer 300 people in a year. You can go to Wealthy Affiliate “Super Affiliate Conference” in Las Vegas, this happens every year for the few people in WA that actually can achieve this goal.

They do make it easier later in the year they drop the number from 300 to around 100, when the time gets closer to the “Super Affiliate Conference”. You can easily find out how many people you referred because they have an airplane that starts out as 300 and drops in number until the end of the year.

This is something that can be a good thing and a bad thing the good thing is you can use it as a goal to eventually get 300 referrals in a year, and be invited to the Wealthy Affiliate “Super Affiliate Conference” in Las Vegas.

The bad thing is out of the thousands and thousands of people on the WA platform there is only a small portion of people who actually get to go to this free “Super Affiliate Conference”. The 2019-year picture it showed around 23 people two of those people were Carson and Kyle which are the owners of Wealthy Affiliate.

When you look at the big picture it is not impossible to reach 300 referrals in a year people have done it and most of those people will do it next year to. Out of all the people on Wealthy Affiliates platform only 23 people went this past year what does that tell you?

It tells me that either

  1. Not many people are promoting WA and are just promoting something else.
  2. There are a lot of people promoting WA they just haven’t had much success on getting that many referrals.
  3. It is a mixture of the two from above

In order to make $2,350 a month you have to refer 100 people to Wealthy Affiliate

$23.50 X 100= $2,350

That is a lot of people if you are aiming to only get $2,350 a month. This is if they stay at the monthly payment, because if they decide to upgrade to yearly you may get $175 for ever yearly upgrade but that is a payment you get once a year.

In order to make $4,700 a month you have to refer 200 people to Wealthy Affiliate

$23.50 X 200= $4,700

Like I mentioned above this is still a lot of people and these people that you refer has to stay monthly you know?

Now nothing is wrong with this at all if you believe in Wealthy Affiliate then hey promote it as much as you want. I just thought I would mention that you will have to put in a lot of work and refer a lot of people to WA in order to be able to quit your 9 to 5.

Private Messaging

When you start with WA you will be able to message other members, while you are a free member though you can only message and get access to the community for about a week. If you upgrade you will have access to messaging and everything else as long as you stay a paying premium member.

You don’t want to spam people though about your offers and other things like that because people could report you and you could get access to messaging revoked or worse.

Training Videos

There are two routes you can take or even do them both this is really up to you

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp

While in the Online Entrepreneur Certification training videos you will get videos that will teach you how to build your website step by step. These videos go over how to write out a blog post that will be writing for your blog, as you go through the training they teach you also how to pick out a niche (topic).

Kyle which is the one that does the training videos (is one of the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate), he will tell you that you can pick out a niche that you are interested in. Plus find an affiliate program that goes with that niche you picked out, Kyle says once you find this affiliate program you can start to write you blog posts around that niche.

This is called a Niche Blog/Website he does mention that it doesn’t matter what kind of niche you pick because you can make money or enough money to make a living off any niche out there.

Me I have to kind of agree and I do disagree with this statement I say this because if you look at it you need to find an affiliate program that is in that niche. What if you can’t find an affiliate program in that niche? Then you won’t have anyway of making money you know?

Yeah, there is one affiliate program that a lot of people go to which is Amazon Associates which sells just about almost anything you can think of. The thing is with Amazon Associates is the fact you make a really small commission between 1%-10% on any purchase someone makes through your affiliate link. Don’t get me wrong you can make money and or a living off of sales from amazon. The thing is though it will take a lot of work and a lot of sales since they are all one time payments the money that comes in won’t be the same every month. The money will fluctuate month to month so it isn’t all that reliable, but this doesn’t mean it is a bad affiliate program it is good.

Kyle goes on to talk about in other videos on PPC (Pay Per Click) these videos specifically talk about using Bing and Google ads. Pay Per Click in short you pay a certain amount of money per click on the link you put out there.

He goes into talking about you should share your blog posts on your social media like your business page on Facebook to twitter and other social media sites. He doesn’t really get into social media a lot, because the purpose to the training is teaching you how to use your site to be an authority in your niche. So you don’t get training on YouTube ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads. It is all mostly going into how to do everything for free since ads cost money and some people don’t have a huge budget to pay for ads.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what you will hear Kyle mostly talking about and this is because with your blog you rely on SEO in order to get ranked high in the search engines. This leads to you getting traffic once you start to rank high in the search engines, then people read your blog click affiliate links and lead to you getting money if they buy.

The videos do touch on Affiliate Marketing which is in short you get an affiliate link after signing up to an affiliate program like Wealthy Affiliate or even Amazon Associates. You will talk about this program or product put your affiliate link in the post your readers will see this click it and if they buy you get a commission.

Weekly Live Training

Every week there is a live weekly training by a guy called Jay it is on random topics that can help you with your blog and or online business. Most of the training is on the beginner or newbie level there are also training topics that he goes over that are for the more experienced internet marketer.

They do have the replays for these live training you can just find what you want watch it and probably learn something from the video.

This Is What I Believe About Wealthy Affiliate

I do believe Wealthy Affiliate is a decent learning platform to learn the basics on how to make money online with a blog, this is only one of many ways to make money online. I only write on my blog because I actually enjoy writing and knowing my words can help others get out of the 9 to 5 and live out their dreams.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

No, not at all as you can see Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 the platform has changed over the years, but if you don’t grow then you will be left behind. Plus if WA was a scam I don’t think they would have lasted for 14 years on the internet teaching others how to do the same without being taken down do you?

I feel like Wealthy Affiliate is a legit program that can help you make a blog have it up and running and eventually making you money with a lot of work and patience. With any business whether that is online or offline (brick and mortar) you will have to put in the work in order to make any type of money.

This program Carson and Kyle have been running since 2005 will take you a lot of time to make any money and even longer to make a full time income off of your blog. I can say if you stick with the program and actually implement the training you can make your dreams of working from home come true.

The only person stopping you from achieving anything in life is you, if you want it bad enough you will get got to stay on that grind until you shine.

Any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or anything else you might want to ask leave them down in the comment section below I will help the best I can.



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