Life is to good

Life will always knocks us on our butts but we always have to get back up brush our shoulders off and keep trucking. Life is to good to be stressing and worrying about the negative, it may seem like it is impossible to not get back up after being knocked down but you can.

There will always be times of the darkness looming around us where there is positive there will always be positive where there is negative there will always be positive. You have to find the light and keep it in sight so you can keep living life and acheive your goals and dream life.

Find the things you love in life stick with it those things you love will get you through the bad times in life. Be with the ones you love and find the friends that will push you and make you be the best you. Instead of having friends that will just use you hope the worst for you because, if you keep them around eventually they wl hold you back. 

Life is short life is great life is bad sometimes you may hate but in the end life is what you make of it. 

Me personally when I was younger I use to be positive and love life, but when times got tough I would stay positive yeah but there was always that doubt in the back of my head looming. I always wouldn’t always be positive since doubt would always look it’s ugly head I didn’t always get to achieve all the goals I wanted to.

So for us all to get what we want we need to stay positive don’t let the doubt take over your thoughts, because once doubt and negativity takes over your thoughts. Doubt and negativity will be what is what you get back in return 10 fold. It may seem hard to have positive and think positive and use law of attraction to achieve your goals and dreams and get what you want but with practive you can do it.

I always thought that the law of attraction and using positivity and speaking positive affirmations was BS. When I started to put it into my mind and started practicing them it all made sence it all, worked my life isn’t perfect but with this I have achieved a lot more then I would have ever thought of if I never started practicing thing.

There is one misconception about positivity, affirmations, and the law of attraction is the fact that some think that the things you want will just fall in your lap with not work. In reality you have to put in work you have to take action along side of having hte mindset. Life is a chess game you have to make strategic moves to get where you want. It is easy when you know that all you have to do is have the mindset of positivity and the actions to get what you want.

Life is what we make of it

What do I mean by that? 

Basically you can either focus on the bad things in life and let that dictate our lives or we can be positive and that dictate our life. See we can focus on our dreams and positive things and bettering our lives which would be the best rout since that will, be what we really want. If you were to focus on the bad then you won’t progress in life either you will stay the same, or just go back 5 steps.

Which would you choose?

Me I would always choose to be progressing and never staying the same, finding the path I am suppose to be living and live that life. It is always nice achieveing goals and following your dreams because if you can do that you will be a step ahead of most people, since some just don’t progress they stay in the same box get comfortable talk about how they want to change but never do.

Thinking outside the box is the best to get what you want 

Always strive to the best you can and think outside the box. Thinking outside the box is a key to getting what you want the dreams you chase and growing as a person. If we do this we can live our lives to its fullest postential and that is what we should always want in life to grow. 

Life can be so simple but so complicated all at the same time, life can be a square the comfortable space or we can make it outside and have infinite possiblities where we keep growing. Never get comfortable because once that happens you will stop growing because it gets easy and you love the comfortable feeling. 

To get outside the box we gotta take risks to get the ball rolling once it starts rolling it is like a snow ball effect it keeps growing and growing. Until you either hit a wall in the box or open the box and the snow ball keeps growing and growing just like you will.

We should strive for the best we can be even if people doubt our abilities. Don’t let others get to you just keep on going brush them off because some will want us to stop growing and stay the same.

All in all love life, live life, keep trucking through the bad to get to your dreams live that dream life you always wanted to live. Take action because talking will get you nothing only action will get you where you want to be. #nodreamisimpposible 

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