In life, we will have our ups and our downs and some moments are right in between. When those up times come we are usually happy as can be, loving life and are just happy. Then there is the dreaded down times when we could be sad, mad, feeling stuck and don’t know what to do or how to get out.

As times goes we also have those times when we are at a plateau where nothing is exciting is happening we are content with what we have. At the same time not to happy or to sad just in the middle of the two extremes. When that plateau happens we could be just sitting there not making moves to make life better. We just get to comfortable in our situation where we don’t feel the need to do anymore than just the bare minimum to get by.

Life is what you make it this can be in a positive way or a negative way this is really all up to you which way you make your life.

Is This A Bad Thing Or A Good Thing To Plateau?

All of these examples can go hand in hand with each other which is the cool thing about it that is one reason why I love life so much.

To be honest it can be a little of both this is because in our lives we should always want to

  • Progress
  • Grow As A Person
  • Live Our Best Lives
  • Keep Positive Thoughts


The reason why we should always want to progress in our lives is because to be honest we only have one life to live, so why not go out and progress to be the best. These could be learning new things that will help you in life like a skill, seeing new places in your city, country or other countries, finding other like-minded people in your area or on the internet so you can bounce ideas off each other.

The ways to progress are limitless we are all on our own journey’s since we are my ways of progressing would or could be different from yours. This is ok though because I believe there is no right or wrong answer to progressing in your life as long as you are doing it in a positive way you know?

Progressing in life is a way to not get into that state of plateau and it is always nice to do new things and see new places right?

Grow As A Person

As we go through life, we all grow through our experiences in life this is through the bad and or negative experiences, and through the good and positive situations. We should always want to grow as a person because once you because content with who you are and your own life, Life will stay the same. Which for some is cool they love where they are at and what not, but you know that is what I call getting comfortable.

Being comfortable in life isn’t always a good thing if you stay comfortable in your life you won’t grow as a person you will just keep doing the same things over and over and over again. Since we only have one life why not make the best of it and do the things that you love to do and find other passions.

Me personally I have been on this earth for a short 29 years I can say that I have grown a lot as a person. For instance when I was in my late teens into my early 20s, I always knew I wanted to travel the world and be my own boss. I just didn’t know how to get there, I say this because both of my parents are hard-working old school types they just work and work and work. Since they do work they didn’t know how to do anything else so that is what they taught me and my two other siblings (younger sister and brother).

All we knew was to go to college graduate get a job (which I went to college but found out it wasn’t for me), so I bounced around from J.O.B to J.O.B trying to figure out what I wanted to do that would make me happy and help others. Did I find that perfect job? No I didn’t which is fine because we all need to find ourselves and find our own place in this huge but at the same time small world we have under our feet. For some it takes longer than others to find their own place in this world of ours.

Since I knew I wanted a change and wanted to be my own boss what did I do I found a way not to be in a plateau, I found my footing and place in this world. This thing was working online working for myself and being my own boss. I worked on my mindset and worked on myself so I could progress and grow as a person.

So with that short snippet on me lets get back to you, growing as a person is a good thing keep striving to grow as a person and progress in this life, we only have one so why not make the best for it right?

Live Our Best Lives

Doing this is different for everyone some love to travel so that is what they do, others like to play sports, some like to be in nature and love doing it. There are people out there that are working for their DREAMS so they can get out of the 9 to 5. Find what you love doing and go with it even if someone disagrees with you so what, this is because you dictate your life; life is what we make it. It isn’t for others to decide for you what you should do with your life, It is all up to you and only you.

Living our best lives can be some of the most rewarding things that will happen, this is all because when you do you will be happy. Even when life is going down hill you will know it will pass and you will be doing what you love and not what you despise if that makes sense?

We can all live out our best lives if we really wanted to it really comes down to our mindset if you have a negative mindset, that is all you will get back in return same goes for a positive mindset this is called The Law Of Attraction. Life can be crazy at times sometimes we don’t want to do anything. There are others where we do, you know what living out our best lives this can be whatever it is for you.

I will be put a few examples of what living my best life consists of and maybe we will have some in common maybe not but hey no worries we are all on different journey’s.

  • Travel
  • Helping Others
  • Working On Cars
  • Being In Nature
  • Spending Time With My Dog, Family And Friends

These are some of the things that make me live out my best life and I am happy with it I always do my best to grow this list. Since I know there are countless of things out there that I could experience that would make my life better.

So with that being said find what you love to do and experience new things maybe you will find your new thing that will make you live your best life.

Keep Positive Thoughts

As I mentioned before about The Law Of Attraction all of your thoughts, and actions will determine what happens in the day or in your life. When keeping positive thoughts you will get positive in return, being positive is a skill that can be learned but it takes time to do this.

We can all be positive in life and it really does make a huge difference in what happens in our lives. For example have you noticed sometimes when you wake up, and you are not in the best of mood. Some like to call it you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, it than seems like your whole day has been bad and negative and you don’t know why?

This is all because of your thoughts and The Law Of Attraction at work whether you realize it or not it can work for you or against you. Google, Bing or Yahoo it and find out for yourself or even check my article out about it.

So the other example would be you were in a bad mood when you first wake up than you just decide to let it get to you than you find something to be happy about. As your day goes by despite you waking up on the wrong side of the bed you end up having, a good positive day. In this situation this is it working for you and not against you pretty cool wouldn’t you say?

Keeping positive thoughts is always a good thing to usually do, when we think positive our actions in our lives will be positive. You can be positive in many ways just say you seen a homeless person on the side of the road begging for some change. Why not give it to him? Yeah I know some aren’t really homeless some just do it to get some extra change but hey it is a good deed for you no matter what that person does with the money.

So go out in life and do what you feel is positive and keep them positive thoughts and spread it around it will and can change your life for the better and others at the same time.

Is Life Really What You Make Of It?

My answer to this is yes it really is no matter what life throws at you in life you make it what you want. If it is a negative situation life throws your way you can make it stay negative or you can change it up and make it a positive one. Since in life even in the darkest of tunnels there is always going to be light even if it is faint and it, seems like you can’t see it if you really looked and searched for it you will find it.

Your life is your own create what you want out of it don’t let others mold your life for you some may have the best intentions for you. Then there are others that really don’t have the best intentions for you and can lead you astray which isn’t good you know?

I have always said this and I live by this

“Life Is Like Silly Puddy Or Play Dough You Mold And Stretch Your Life The Way You Want To.”

If you don’t like your creation in life than put it back into a ball and start over again, you can mold your life the way you want to. Make life how you want it to be made just like when you were a kid your imagination was endless you wanted to be, this and that you still could be that cop or even the president of whatever country you live in.

Your life is your playground be happy, follow your passions, follow your gut, forget the haters if you let them get to you they can be your downfall. Now if you let the haters make you famous than you can rise up and above their negative ways. Keep striving to be the best person you can be since life is what you make it, nobody else dictates where your life goes unless you give them the power to do so.

With all of this being said I hope you got something from this since all I want to do is motivate and help others follow their dreams and be more positive in their lives.

If you have any questions or comments just drop them below in the comments section below this post

Love Life, Live Life remember #nodreamisimpossible


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