I believe the Law of Attraction is a really good tool to help with making money or materializing all the things you want in life. Everything happens for a reason we have free will, we can all get the stuff we want in life and live the dreams we want we just have to be positive about it and believe.

Life is always good even in the bad sometimes we don’t believe it will be good because we don’t see the light. In reality there is always light we just have to look for it and believe. To materialize all the things we want use the law of attraction every day. Think of all the things you want and do good for others, do good deeds all the good you do will be given back 10 fold.

I have one thing I have found some years ago that has helped me with getting things like money unexpectedly. It was never much but it did help me get some whenever I needed it. I believe it is a prayer that could help every one that uses it with the help of using the Law of Attraction.

Here is the Abundance Prayer say it whenever you want you could say it everyday you could say it really at anytime you want to that is up to you. One thing to remember always be the light and lead the way, always help others in need give to others that you feel needs the gift. Always be positive and love life because life is always good.

From The Light of God that I Am.

From The Love of God that I Am.

From The Power of God that I Am.

From The Heart of God that I Am.

I Decree

I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance of God is min infinite source. The river of life never stops flowing it flows through me into lavish expression. God comes to me through unxpected avenues and God works in a mraid of ways to bless me

I now open my mind to recieve my good. Nothing is to good to b etrue, nothing is to wonderful to happen. With God as my source, nothing amazes me. I am not burdened by thoughts of the past or future. One is gone, the other is yet to come.

By the power of my belief, coupled with my purposeful fearless actionsand my deep rapport with God, my future is created and my abundance made manifest. I ask and I accept that I am lifted in this and every moment into higher truth, my mind is quiet.

From this day forward I give freely and fearlessly into life and life gives back to me with magnificent increase. Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways. God provies for me in wonderous ways I am indeed greatful, and I let it be so.

I wish the same for the goodness of everybody.

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