Working online can be a little crazy at times to make life a little easier for us internet marketers, affiliate marketers, bloggers the list goes on is having tools. These tools help make our lives easier they aren’t magic pills that will magically bring in loads of money but help a lot.

In this Jaaxy review I will talk about

1. What is Jaaxy

2. Who is Jaaxy for

3. Why I personally use Jaaxy keyword tool

What Is Jaaxy?



Carson & Kyle

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that is helpful for anybody that is looking for low competition keywords. For instance for this blog post I looked up keywords I could use so I can rank high in the search engines and get free traffic.

Look to the picture on the right-hand side of the screen you will see what Jaaxy looks like when searching for keywords. In the picture has some keywords that are related to the one I searched for.

On top there are words I’ll explain what they mean.

1. AVG= Average searches that keyword receives a month.

2. Traffic= The amount of visits your site can get if you rank on page one in the search engines.

3. QSR= Quoted number of websites that are ranked for this keyword.

4. KQI= Keyword Quality Indicator green means great, yellow means OK, red mean poor.

5. SEO= Based on competition and traffic the higher the number the better chance you have to rank on that particular keyword.

You might have heard of Jaaxy before from a program called Wealthy Affiliate?

Carson & Kyle also own Wealthy Affiliate you can check out my take on Wealthy Affiliate here.

I will touch on WA a little Carson & Kyle started Wealthy affiliate back in 2005 teaching others on how to do affiliate marketing. By leveraging a website or a blog in order to get free traffic to your blog so you can eventually get out of the 9 to 5. They go into detail on how to build a blog from scratch and how to use Jaaxy to.

Who Is Jaaxy For?

To be honest Jaaxy keyword tool is for anybody that needs to find low competition keywords for their blogs. Jaaxy isn’t just for blogs it can be used for anybody that needs to find good keywords to rank them high in the search engines. Without a keyword tool like Jaaxy and you are trying to monetize your blog as an example it will be hard to rank in the search engines.

I only say this because if you look at it not all keywords are treated the same. As you can see the picture above some keywords get more traffic than others. Once you just start blindly start writing without the proper keyword research you could potentially be missing out on traffic and eventually money.

Why I Personally Use Jaaxy Keyword Tool

The biggest reason I use Jaaxy keyword tool is so I can rank high I the search engines. There is no 100% guarantee you will rank on the first page or even number 1 in Bing, Google or Yahoo. There are other factors into rankings of your blog posts and other content in the search engines.

Me personally I get an idea on what I could potentially get and than if I feel like the traffic and competition for that keyword is worth me writing content around it I will. You want to find a keyword that has good traffic (anything above 30) and low competition. The higher the number of competing websites for that keyword you have less of a chance of getting on page 1 on the search engines.

This is why I always use Jaaxy for keywords in all of my blog posts traffic is what keeps your online business alive. Without traffic, you won’t get to help others plus you won’t get any money if you are trying to monetize your blog.

Affiliate Marketing is a way a lot of people used to make money online I also use Affiliate Marketing To Make money online.

With All That Being Said In This Jaaxy Review

For me when it comes to working online and having my online business thrive Jaaxy is an awesome tool is used to help with that.

Would I recommend Jaaxy to others that need a keyword tool? Yes, I would any day of the week I would but if you don’t need a keyword tool than Jaaxy won’t work for you.

For example if you are only driving traffic to a landing page (service like click funnels) you won’t nee d akeywork tool. This is mostly because you aren’t writing content to rank in the search engines to get traffic. You are either using paid ads for traffic or you are getting free traffic from places like social media.

All in all you can check out Jaaxy here

let me know what you think in the comments below. Any questions you can leave them down in the comments below I will get back ASAP.

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