A Few Questions I Have For You

  • Is working at a J.O.B getting you to your dream life? 
  • what is stopping you from getting to your dream life? 
  • Are you comfortable at your J.O.B despite you not loving your J.O.B?
  • Are you taking action towards your dreams?

Those are a few questions I ask you I say this because many of us are able to achieve our goals and dreams we, have been getting DOUBT put in our heads. Some examples some or even all of us have heard at one point or another “we can’t get to that dream that is impossible.” or “In order to be successful in life we have to go to school, get a job and work for our pay check.” 

One thing I have learned in my short 29 years of life is that we can achieve all of our goals and dreams we want, one of things it boils down to is MINDSET. There will be people that say we can’t do this or that because they are just not believers themselves, so they end up telling us we can achieve our dreams or goals becasue in their eyes they are impossible. In reality if you really want something you can get it, why do I say MINDSET is one of the other keys to success in life? This is because if you think negative what happens with your day? Usually negative things happen to you, same thing with thinking positive if you think positive; positive things comes to you. 

Lets talk about why I say this about a J.O.B= JUST OVER BROKE this is what usually happens when you work at a J.O.B. under someone else working for, change while you are filling the owners pockets and letting them live their dream life. Yeah you could be making 6 figures at your job right now making all that money but are you trully living your dream life? I bet you are working 10+ hours a day working OT but people getting salary pay don’t get paid for OT, so where is the time to be able to live life?

Is Your J.O.B Setting You Up For Success?

Me I will guess a BIG NO how accurate is that? I would say that is pretty accurate I will put a little story from my life as an example of how Mindset is another key to success and, how I am leveraging my mindset and my job to get to my dream life.

Through out my life I had no direction I had both my parents they were there but they weren’t at the same time (if that makes sense). I was taught at a young age to work for what you want (which is true we all have to work for what we want in life), but I was taught to work a J.O.B to get money get a degree and use that to get a good paying J.O.B. I was an ok student in high school, college came around I was good then I got distracted and didn’t finish my degree. I also found out that college just wasn’t really for me.

A few years down the road I have worked a few different J.O.Bs in my life (this has happend between the years of 2009 to present). I worked at a restaurant (Restaurant Pomme a fancy French restauran in a small town of gordonsville, VA if you are ever there I would reserve a place some good food), as a dishwasher at $7.25 an hour worked for about a year and half there. Until my dad was like get a better job I listened I got a job at a distribution center for Walmart, that job wasn’t for me was there for about 6 months quit. I had a job at target after a few months break but it was seasonal so they let me go (I didn’t like that J.O.B neither), eventually got a job at a local Pizza Hut but that lasted a god year before I got fired. Long story short they had put a phone policy out first offense with a phone you are fired, a few months later around january. It had snowed nobody was in pizza hut except me my manager another server and a few people that make the pizzas. I noticed my phone was in my pocket so I decided to go into the back and put my phone up my manager saw me, after my shift got fired. Got a job a few months later at a Sears warehouse worked there then quit because of my license had no way to work 2 hour drive. Then now I work with my dad working with heavy machinary, I am on a rock truck making $16 an hour. 48 hour work weeks if it rains we don’t work so my pay can fluctuate, oh yeah did I almost forgot to mention I live two hours from my job YAY.

So right now been there for 2 years and going into 2018 I know my worth and It isn’t what I am getting at my current J.O.B, yeah of course I am happy I have a J.O.B and blessed to. The thing is I am not living the life I want to live.

This is where the whole mindset comes into play

  • Positive
  • I know what I am worth
  • I know what I want in life
  • My mind is set to work for myself
  • I know my dreams are possible
  • I love life

Before I had al this going on I didn’t have a direction in my life I didn’t know where I wanted to go, I just knew I had to work to make money. I never was told to think outside of the box, or even to follow my dreams because I didn’t know how I could achieve them.

So with this being said I can say it is possible to achieve your dreams with mindset a key to success, I don’t know what your dreams and goals are but you do so go out and put goals in place to get to them. It is possible to work online there are programs out there to teach just that, this is how this blog came out to the world.

If you want to work for your self you can, but mindset and goals are what you need to get into place before you can get there. Travel could be what you want, working for yourself, quitting your J.O.B so you can live your dream life. It is all possible I know you have seen people liveing their dream lives and a lot mention mindset if you think you can’t do it then you won’t. If you know you can then you will plus having a mentor or a proven system to help you get out of the grind of working and earning in a place getting you nowhere but just over broke. 

I have positive things coming your way ways to help get to your dream life I know of a proven system that can help also whichis blogging if you want to know how I do it then ask you shall recieve. 

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