Wealthy Affiliate 2019 Review

This is my Wealthy Affiliate 2019 review, Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? Can WA Make You Money In 2019?

Have you ever researched on Bing, Google or Yahoo and found thousands of different search results for ways to make money online?

I can bet we all have at one point it can be a little daunting at first. There are a lot of scams out there that claim to help you make money online most aren’t worth your time or money.

The question is can Wealthy Affiliate help you make money?

Can you grow a business with Wealthy Affiliate

The questions to these and many more will be answered below so read on to find out the truth on WA.

No Dream Is Impossible

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Website is wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners are Carson & Kyle

Prices- There are two membership types

  • free membership (starter membership)
  • premium membership $50 a month, $234 every 6 months or pay $359 a year.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for people who want to get out of the 9 to 5 so they can build their own business online.

The training in the platform is mainly based around building a website on a niche or topic of your choosing.

Examples of niches for your blog

  • Healthy & Fitness
  • Money Making Online
  • Photography
  • Cars

To be honest the list could go on and on the topics are endless or niches. This is all taught in the OEC (Online Entrepreneur Certification).

Wealthy Affiliate Training Courses

Online Entrepreneur Certification then there is the Affiliate Bootcamp

Both of them teach you how to make money online there are differences though.

Online Entrepreneur Certification teaches you how to build a niche website.

Affiliate Bootcamp teaches you how to build an MMO (Money Making Online) site this is where you will promote Wealthy Affiliate.

In the Online Entrepreneur Certification course you will get 5 courses and 50 lessons. Some lessons that are included in OEC are.

  • Getting started
  • Building your traffic producing website
  • Making money
  • Mastering social engagement

There is a lot more inside of the OEC, You Can check Out Wealthy Affiliate Here Free To See For Yourself.

The training inside of the Affiliate Bootcamp course you get 7 courses 70 lessons, here some topics covered in the training.

  • Getting your business rolling
  • Content keywords and conversions
  • Giving your site social value
  • Knowing your audience & catapulting your referrals

This is just a few of the many training videos inside of the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter & Premium Memberships

Wealthy Affiliate Memberships

I mentioned above there are two memberships available here at WA the starter or free membership and the premium membership.

There are a few differences between the two other than one is free and you pay monthly, every 6 months or every year.

Starter Or Free Membership?

You do get some value as a WA Starter Member but it doesn’t compare to the Premium Membership.

Once you put in your email at the sign up page you create your profile and everything WA says for you to do the things you get are.

  • 2 free sub domain Siterubix Websites
  • The first 10 lessons in the OEC (getting started)
  • A week access to the community (I will talk more on that a little later).

To be honest the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership is a good start to see if the program is right for you. The thing is you are very limited on what you can do as a starter member.

The first 10 lessons that you get in the OEC is enough information to get your site up and running a few lessons on affiliate marketing. That is all you really get if you want full access you have to pay for the premium membership. So you can get everything you need to create an online business without looking elsewhere for the training.

It was designed like this so you can see if WA is the right for you. Just say WA is the right fit then in order for you to get more training you have to pay the premium membership fee. I don’t see this as wrong to be honest a lot of programs do this. They have a free or low cost membership to test out if you feel you need more than you pay the money for full access.

Premium Membership

Wealthy Affiliates Premium Membership is where you get everything you need to build and authority blog.

You Can Get Started With WA Here

All the things you get in the WA premium membership

  • All the training in OEC and Affiliate Bootcamp plus weekly training webinars community made training.
  • A community full of members from all walks of life and experience levels working online.
  • 50 websites 25 are free sub domain siterubix sites the other 25 you have to pay for a .com will cost around $14.99 a year.
  • Sitesupport you can use them 24/7 they will help with any technical difficulties with your website.
  • Sitecomments & Sitefeedback
  • Access to the keyword research tool called Jaaxy

You can check out my Jaaxy Keywork Research Tool Here

This is a lot of value for around $50 a month you know?

I will go into some detail on some topics listed above.

50 Websites

I mentioned above with the premium membership you get 50 websites 25 free and 25 paid. The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that website hosting is included with the membership you pay for.

Having a free website is cool to start especially if you can’t afford a paid domain which only costs you for a .com around $14.99 a year.

With a paid domain you get a customizable website compared to a free website. Basically you own the paid website since you pay for the domain every year.

You don’t own the sub domain siterubix website it is less customizable you can’t use premium themes like Divi (Elegant Themes) & Thrive to name a few. You can’t use premium plugins that help out with some features on your site that it wouldn’t have without the plugin.

Sitecomments & Sitefeedback

The sitecomments and sitefeedback are cool features inside of the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

Sitecomments is a feature where you can get comments on your blog post that you want comments on. The only catch though is that you have to give two comments on two blog posts to get one credit. These community credits can be used to get comments on your blog posts.

You can request one comment on your blog for two credits. This equals out to 4 comments in order to get 2 credits to cash in for one comment.

The good thing is though that even if you only request one comment most of the time you will get more than one comment on your blog post.

The reason being is that Wealthy Affiliate made site comments 2.0, this is an upgrade to sitecomments where you can eventually become a certified commentor.

To be a certified commentor you have to have

  • 80% or higher approval of the comments you give
  • skip rate has to be 20% or lower.
  • You also have to give 50 comments
  • After becoming a certified commenter you get paid to give comments

The thing is about sitecomments is before 2.0 came around nobody really used this feature mostly because it does take work. The reason is you have to read the post then you have to write a comment this can take some time to do.

The incentive that Wealthy Affiliate came with in Sitecomments 2.0 is that you can get paid money. You have to be a certified commenter to be able to get paid.

The amount of money that you will be paid for your comments is for every other comment you will get 50 cents.

Want to know more information on Sitecomments click here

There has been a lot of controversy when it comes to sitecomments though. A lot of people have complained when they would request comments some comments would be comments that aren’t relevant to the blog post.

Some people would not accept the comment others would edit the comment to make it more relevant, other people would accept it anyway despite the comment not being the best.

Me personally I haven’t had a bad experience with sitecomments then again I don’t use this feature all that much I will tell why a bit later.

You can read a post from one of the owners Kyle here on some updates with Sitecomments and goes into more detail about the complaints.

My Experience With Wealthy Affiliates Sitecomments Is It Worth It?

I used sitecomments here and there before 2.0 came around I actually like the feature. The comments that you receive can help with creating more content on your post. In turn can help rank your content higher in the search engines.

Eventually as time went on I noticed the post from Carson an owner of WA about 2.0 so I tried it. I got to certified commenter status I made $10 in a month.

I took a step back and realized that I put in a lot of work having a full time job and writing content on my blogs. The realization of being a certified commenter wasn’t worth the time and effort put into it. $10 does add up and yeah I made $10 extra bucks that month.

In the grand scheme of things sitecomments 2.0 isn’t a viable way for me to pay for my membership or make a huge amount of money from sitecomments.

Now I am not saying this feature is bad because it actually is a good feature use it whenever you can I do I just don’t expect to be a certified commentor to make money every month. Each month your slate goes clean and you have to work your way back to certified commenter.


This is a keyword research tool that is really good to have to your disposal. The reason being is when you are blogging you are trying to rank as high as you can in the search engines. Page 1 is always the goal that we always want to get on this gives you lots Traffic.

Jaaxy keyword tool lets you find keywords that are low competition so you can rank higher in the search engines. Keyword research is crucial for your blog no keyword research it will be hard to know if you will rank high or not.

This tool is now free when you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate you can do so here for free.


Everything that you have in WA is built into one platform even the community. Some in the community I have seen mention that WA’s community is like a paid Facebook. The reason they mention this is that there are some people that don’t post business related stuff on their WA blogs. Instead, they post some personal things which is what Facebook is for you know?

The community is nice to have to get motivation from, if you need help the WA community will help. What makes this community good is that you can find someone that is on the same level as you to have as an accountability partner.

You could find a member who is more experienced and had success with their blog ask them questions. It is always good to have a supportive community at your disposal you know?


Is sort of like sitecomments, but it is different this feature is used to get feedback privately on what you could change to make your site look or run better.

It works the same as sitecomments you just can’t get paid to do it and instead of the feedback being shown on your site it is shown to you in a private manner.

I personally haven’t used this feature there is use in sitefeedback though especially if you aren’t sure on something than sitefeedback could help you out.

Other Wealthy Affiliate Features

There are some other features I will talk about here that are important to know.

  • Your own profile & Network
  • Private messaging & live chat
  • WA ranking system
  • Your own WA blog

Your Own Profile & Network

First signing up to Wealthy Affiliate you will get your own profile to fill out. You can put a profile picture, fill out your bio.

One important thing is that if you want people to know where to follow your social media accounts or any of the websites that you create. There is a place for you to put those on your WA profile I only mention this because WA has a no spam policy.

What I mean is that if you post a blog to WA (it is like a Facebook post) and you post links to your social media and or website they consider this self promoting.

So if you want to you can put those links inside of your Wealthy Affiliate profile in the section of follow me.

I know that is in the rules but I thought I would mention this because I see it a lot and the “Spam Police” like to tear their face. They will tell you can’t do this and link to the WA rules of Spam Is No.

On your WA profile you will notice you have a Network as you start to talk to people in the community you will start to gain a network. You can follow them back or not it is up to you this is another reason why some have said this is like having a paid Facebook.

This network is just there to be a resource for help or to make friends it really depends on how you want to use it you know?

Private Messaging & Live Chat

The title is kind of self-explanatory you can message others privately. This is a good feature if you have a reason to you it for talking privately but it’s not necessary though. I have only used it a few times since I have been signed up to Wealthy Affiliate.

Live chat can be a good helpful feature if you need help fast and you can find the answer to your question in the search bar. This live chat is on the right of your screen this feature can be a little hard sometimes to keep up with the conversation because multiple people will be talking in there at the same time.

Live chat could help you try it out and see if it can you know?

WA Ranking System

I will be a little blunt about this feature the rank of what you are when you sign up has nothing to do with your success with your online business.

All it really does is show that you are active in the community there are multiple factors that can affect your rank.

Your rank will drop if you aren’t active in the community your rank rise if you comment and like on other peoples blogs also if you create training and blogs on WA.

You will notice that your rank will fluctuate here and there I don’t pay attention to my WA rank because All it is really used for is more like an incentive to be more active.

There is ambassador status all you get is a bandage that says you are an ambassador that’s it. People like the newbies will look at you like they can use you for help. Which is cool your focus should always be on your blog and or online business you know?

Your Own WA Blog

Basically this is a post that you would post on Facebook but these posts can sometimes be ranked in the search engines.

These blog post are usually about some type of success people have had with the Wealthy Affiliate platform, others post a little more personal stuff.

One good thing about the WA blogs is the fact you can get referrals just by you sharing this blog to someone and they end up signing up.

As an example if you see a blog post that is inspiring or you find can give value to others you can find the link to it. How you do this is by looking at the top of the blog it should say affiliate. You will cop this link which has your affiliate link in it someone will click the link and if they decide to sign up you get the commission if they buy into the premium membership.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam? Can WA Make You Money In 2019?

The short answer is no Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

You can learn a lot from Wealthy Affiliate you can grow a legit business by implementing the training WA gives you.

My question to you is do you feel like blogging is a good fit for you?

I only ask this because WA’s training is all about making money with a blog. Blogging isn’t for everyone like as you can read in this post.

We all have our own passions, what we like and don’t like it goes the same with Wealthy Affiliate and blogging.

One person may like blogging another may not so if you are the type that doesn’t like to blog then WA may not be a right fit for you.

You can click here and find what I would recommend if you don’t like to blog.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a get rich quick scheme or anything like that. Building a business for the long term and making money so you can get out of the 9 to 5 will take time.

Can WA Make You Money In 2019?

The answer to this question isn’t something I can say yes or no to. This is that when it comes to success and you making money online it comes down to you and only you.

You can get the best training and mentor ship in the world but if you aren’t willing to put in the work then you won’t make any money with Wealthy Affiliate or any training program. Going into WA thinking you will make money fast and get out of your 9 to 5 in a few weeks or months isn’t the right mindset to have.

You will have to invest in yourself and put in work for free in order to get your investment back then eventually profit which will lead to you firing your boss.

One quote I live by is this

”work for your dreams whatever they maybe if you don’t then someone will hire you to work for their dreams”

Do you want to start your own online business with hard work and dedication to eventually be your own boss?

If you said yes to this click here and you can build your own online business and work towards your dreams and not work for others.

Leave any questions about Wealthy Affiliate down in the comments below.

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