To me I don’t feel like the Quantity of money is worth sacrificing the quality of life. See money we can get back it’s renewable, while our time is not we can’t get our time back. Life is short but society has made it out to be like we have to work hard in order to play hard. The only problem I have with that is some take that saying to literal. So they work so much to be honest they are too tired to do anything especially do anything fun.

Let me give you an example the J.O.B me, my brother and dad work for had asked us this one question.

“Do we want to work from sun up to sun down so from 6:30am-9:00pm.”

My answer was “NO”

Don’t get me wrong it would’ve been nice money about 15hours 4 days a week another 10 on Friday than 8 Saturday dinner and hotel supplies and paid for by the company. That is a nice check coming in but I have come to over the years to value my time and life more than some money.

Does money make our lives better? Yeah of course it does but it doesn’t define it.

Does money help buy material things a lot of times we feel joy of having it for a short period of time? Yeah learned this the hard way.

So what am I getting at? Is that quality of life is more important than making money and being too tired to do the things you love.

Now on with the story

So my boss kind of was a little frustrated with my answer because they need to get this huge hill done, in like a month but that isn’t going to happen to much work in little time. My dad and a lot of others accepted to work the longer days I just thought to myself and even said this to some “you guys are crazy man” their reply was either “they needed the money” or they “wanted to make as much money as possible so they could get some material things like car parts”.

The first week ended weekend came and gone Monday was upon us.

We literally didn’t work for the next 3 days last week because of rain. My boss comes up to us and asks “who wants to work the next 3 days Thursday Friday and Saturday to make up time?”

I said “no” the reason being not because I rich I am by far from rich material wise. It was because I knew I was fine I have learned if you trust in the universe or in GOD whichever you believe you will be ok. To be honest as I am writing this post I am good because I TRUST in the universe and a positive mind and also saved money. My boss did get mad at me saying no but he also was going on vacation the following week and me Not working doesn’t affect him in anyway it affects my money you know?

In my position I already work 10hours a commute of 4 hours round trip so I work enough.

One thing that gets me is I beat my body up everyday just like everybody else here I see which is more important which is my time and body.

I drive a rock truck all day while my dad operates a track loader, brother a rock truck. This looks like and easy J.O.B yeah it is to a point. When it comes down to it you are beating your body up all day no smooth ride.

I feel bad for the ones that stay especially my dad since he is a hard-working man. We live in a society where we learn to trade our time for money. Half the time when we trade our time for money we are working for someone else’s dreams and not our own.

I look at it in this way and I am not trying to negative about it here it goes.

“We learn to work all day to get paid pennies while the big boss earns dollars. While we slave away and the boss sits on his or her Throne collecting not really doing a thing. It is like modern day slavery without the whips and chains.”

This is sad but the truth most feel stuck and or the work they do is the only thing they know. I can say I have been there and done that in my short 29 years of life. We can live out our dreams and travel the world if that is what you desire.

The sky’s the limit if we want we can get it there is really no dream that is impossible but what makes it impossible if you don’t believe it is possible to achieve those dreams.

You don’t have have to work at a J.O.B you may hate you worth more than the paycheck they cut you every week. We were taught one thing to work which is cool but if you don’t enjoy what you do than you will dread the weekday and not love it like a weekend.

Our dreams are just actions away from you living out your dreams. It takes work yeah just like any other place you would work for. The biggest difference is instead of working for someone else and their dreams you will be working for yourself and your own dreams if you know what I mean?

Look at this beautiful flower look at it vibrant colors of purple and green on the leaves to be honest to me it looks like it is living wild and free.

So look at your life for a minute are living wild and free?

Are you living your life to the fullest?

Are you truly happy with the way you are living your life?

I hope you are living wild and free, living your life to the fullest and are happy with the way you are living your life.

I only say this because your life is worth living it the way you want to free and Unrestricting from a regular 9-5. There is more to life than working 10+ a day 5 or even 7 days a week for some.

To be honest weren’t put on this earth to live our lives to just work all day for a paycheck pay bills and die. We are meant to do way more than that. We just need to get out of the mindset of employee and start thinking outside of the box.

We all can do it you see people living their wildest dreams all the time on IG, FB, YouTube other social media platforms and also on TV.

Another question why can’t you live out your dreams?

Me personally I have said a lot of things that when I really paid attention to what I said it was an excuse just to make myself think I couldn’t live out my dreams.

I have said a few things like ”I have no time” “I don’t have the money” “no way I could do that I don’t have experience”.

Those were all excuses that kept me living at my J.O.B and not living my life to the fullest. Mindset is a big part of all of this if you are negative that is what you will get back and the same with being positive. What that is called is THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

With that being said take all this information and let it sink in for a bit and figure what is important to you. Find out what your passions are and run with it. Take action and steps to live out your wildest dreams because if one person can do it anybody can do it. I have been taking action and it has gotten be way closer to my dreams than I ever thought.

Love Life, Live Life remember #nodreamisimpossible

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