I know you have seen people living the laptop lifestyle this was most likely from social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, plus all the other ones. They look like they are living the life by living out their dreams in exotic places, traveling the world it seems like they have it all.

Is Living The Laptop Lifestyle One Of Your Dreams?

I know for me it is one of my dreams to live out ever since I was a kid I have always wanted to travel the world, even before social media was around. I remember seeing people on the travel channel, through pictures in magazines, and whatever source I seen people traveling on (in the mid 90s).

What I am getting with this is have you ever wanted to live life as a digital nomad/living the laptop lifestyle, being your own boss, being able to do the things you want to do without a boss saying you can’t because of work?

I can bet some if not a lot can say this is what they want to do and fulfill their others goals and dreams keep reading and I will show you the pros and cons of living the laptop lifestyle.

What Is The Laptop Lifestyle?

Living the laptop lifestyle or being a digital nomad this having your business with you at all times, you can work on it with a laptop and an internet connection. Unlike working at a regular J.O.B you can only travel and do the things when you have the time off. Also, if you need to take extra time off you need to ask and a lot of the time your boss won’t approve.

Pros And Cons Living The Laptop Lifestyle

Every situation will have their own pros and cons here is a list of three for each


  • You Are Your Own Boss
  • Time Independence/Location Independence
  • Passive Income

You Are Your Own Boss

This one would be a big pro for a lot of people since we are looking for ways to work online for our selves. Anybody that have searched for ways to work online wants to be their own boss. Working online gives you freedom you wouldn’t have when you are working a regular J.O.B.

Being your own boss lets you do things like be home with family as much as you want, if you have a doctors’ appointment or you are sick you don’t have to work. Working for yourself will let you live the life you have always wanted to you still have to put in the work to keep the income coming in, but you get more freedom than you would at a J.O.B.

A lot of people this is what they really want to do is become their own boss and I can bet you are one of them to?  

Time Independence/Location Independence

When you are your own boss, working online living that laptop lifestyle you these two advantages or pros that is time and location independence. You do still have to work on your business in order to keep making money the thing is you can make your own hours.

You will have the power to work one day early in the morning and the next you can work all through the night. It really doesn’t matter when you work, but when you are working at a J.O.B you have a set time you start work and set time to go home. So you end up having to work your life around that work schedule which usually ends up doing everything you need done on the weekends and those two days are short.

Having time independence is a big pro in my books since I don’t have to deal with a boss saying I can or can’t do this or that.

Location Independence is looped into this too, because you can work where ever you want to you don’t have a set location to work from. At J.O.B unless you can work remotely from home which there are J.O.Bs that you can work remotely from home. With a regular J.O.B you have to deal with commuting to work and back home every day which can suck a lot of the time. When working for yourself and living that laptop lifestyle you can work from where ever you want to, you don’t have to commute to work in order to make money.

Having independence on location is always nice to have when you are wanting to work from home or really anywhere in the word. Just say you wanted to work from a beach near your hotel when you are traveling or a cafe in the city you currently stay at you can. That is the nice thing about being location independent you can work from anywhere in the world with you laptop and an internet connection pretty cool huh?

Passive Income

This is one of the biggest things that draws me in besides the top two which are the two I just listed above

  • You Are Your Own Boss
  • Time Independence/Location Independence

The next one on this list is as the title says passive income if you are wondering what passive income is this is? It is when you work for example a blog post you rank it in the search engines, when that happens you have will have affiliate links in this post. As someone clicks on these links and buys from these affiliate links you will get a commission from the item this person bought.

You just have to create this post once and tweak it here and there but as you get traffic more people to these blog posts and these people buy you make money. It is as automated as it gets, because when you are working at a 9 to 5 you are trading time for money. This is called active income where you have to work a certain amount of hours in a day to make the amount of money in a week.

Passive income is one of the best ways to make money online since you don’t have to keep working hours on hours, in a day to make a limited amount of money in a week like active income. Active income has its limits on how much money you can potentially make. While passive income you can make money while you sleep and not have to worry about messing with that post until you feel you have to.

With passive income you can make money without having internet connection while you travel, not with active income because you have to actively work to make money if you know what I mean?

Blogging Is A Good Way Of Making A Passive Income


  • It Takes Time To Make A Fulltime Income
  • You Have To Put In The Hard Work
  • There Will Be People That Don’t Believe Working Online Is Possible

It Takes Time To Make A Fulltime Income

When working online and your goal is to live that laptop lifestyle it won’t be an overnight task to make money. There is no time set to how long it would take someone to make money, or even a full time income. For one, it can take six month or less, for others it can take longer than that a year or more.

**There really is no guarantee you will make any type of money or really a full time income, that is the risk we all have to take if you want to make a living from our laptops. **

When it comes to working from our laptops it is possible you just have to believe find the right training to help you on way to success. Time is one of the keys to living the life you want to live out you can’t rush success and there are no shortcuts just time.

Like the quote goes “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day”

This is true because it wasn’t it took years and decades to grow as powerful as the Roman Empire did. This quote ties into everything with working online you won’t build your online empire in a day or overnight.

You Have To Put In The Hard Work

When it comes to living that laptop lifestyle you have to put in the work in order to see results. You can just sit back relax and see the $$$ roll in, this is not how it works. Look at a regular 9 To 5 in order to make that income you make every week or every other week, you have to put in the work right? When it comes to working online and living out your dreams as a digital nomad or that laptop lifestyle, work is needed to make money.

Like I said above in that quote about Rome it will take time and a lot of hard work to make your dreams comes true with working on your laptop. It can happen working hard towards your dreams and your freedom is better than working for someone else dreams and freedom wouldn’t you say?

Another quote I believe 100% “If You Don’t Work For Your Dreams Someone Else Will Hire You To Work For Theirs”

This is a sad but true fact you need to work for your dreams because nobody else will work to get you your dreams for you; you know?

There Will Be People That Believe Working Online Is Possible

Yep this is true once you start telling people you are working towards your dreams of working online, there will be people out there that will think you are crazy. Others will think that it is not possible to work online to make money, but what they don’t realize you can and it is possible.

You can’t let others dictate whether your dreams are possible, because once you get the doubt in your head that these dreams you have are IMPOSSIBLE that is what they will be IMPOSSIBLE. Nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible, you may have to work towards those dreams and put in the work but they are possible.

The thing is some just won’t understand where you are coming from and are still in that “employee mindset”, one thing I will say is don’t let these people think you can’t do it because you can do it. Living out your dreams are definitely possible you just have to believe it, keep a positive mind, take action and eventually with the right training you will succeed.

With all that being said I hope this helped you in any way I know it may seem crazy that you can make money from a laptop but it is possible.

You Can Check Out This Post And See What I Mean

Keep working towards your dreams no matter what anybody says Love Life, Live Life remember #nodreamisimpossible

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