Failure is a good thing if you look at it in a positive way, so how is it when most look at failure as a negative thing? This is because failing is a part of life, we all fail in some way but what makes it so good? Is that it means we are actually doing something in life to make us fail. One thing though you shouldn’t let failure bring you down, but use failure as a way to succeed in life by accepting your failure and learning from the mistake.

Look at failure in a good way because it really isn’t the end of the world even though it may seem like it is at that point in time. Instead of looking at all the negatives in failing look at all the positives and use those positives to motivate you into a more positive mind.

If you don’t move on from that failure and you just look at all the negatives and let those negatives dictate your actions then where will that really lead you? It will just lead you into a more negative mind and then that is what will be attracted to you is negative until, you shift your mindset. Failure is a bad thing yes but it is a blessing in disguise when you can accept the fact you failed, in the long run thinking positive and learning from your mistakes will make you a better person.

We all are imperfect beings that are taught to be perfect, which we can’t be perfect that’s why all of us fail I see some saying “failure is their biggest fear.” If you think of it as a fear you won’t overcome it and will try to be perfect but, then get let down when the perfection doesn’t come and you fail in someway.

So to fix this if your fear is being a failure go out confront that fear head first and find ways to learn from all your failures. With every failed thing you do there is a blessing inside, that is if you search for the blessing that is why they call it a “blessing in disguise. Staying in the state of fear of failing will lead to more failing and doubt it will eventually be a none stopping cycle of failing, until you break that circle with positive thinking.

Look at some famous people like for example Michale Jordan (MJ) here is a quote that he has said that goes directly with failure and how that can lead to success.

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” MICHALE JORDAN

You see even one of the most decorated NBA player if not the GOAT (greatest of all time), has admitted to failing but he is a successful person in life. This is because he used his failures to help him be successful he learned from his failures to make him the person he is today. He may not play basketball anymore, now he has his shoe line and still making them big bucks.

There is a lot of others we could look at and see they failed and hey are still successful they are still living out their dream lives. I bet if they let failing get to them and let it get them down they probably wouldn’t be as successful as they are today, they embraced and learned from their failure then kept going and lived their lives. That’s what you should do in order, to be successful and live out your dreams and achieve all your goals.

We can all be successful if we really wanted to especially if we think positive face our fear of failing and just start taking steps to your dreams and live them out. If you really want something go and get it set them goals achieve them, the sky is the limit you are the only one that is stopping you from succeeding or failing. That is where mindset comes into play and positivity and embracing failure.

All in all failing isn’t a bad thing it is a good thing learn to let go and move on learn to embrace your life and live; live your dreams and succeed because #nodreamisimpossible

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