When someone starts to look for ways to work online sometimes you will hear the phrase “Affiliate Marketing” the reason you will see or hear Affiliate Marketing. This is that this is one of many ways to actually make money online. Some probably will ask if Affiliate Marketing is Legit or not, and if you ever look up Affiliate Marketing you will see that a lot of people do it so it is legit.

What Is Affiliate Marketing? How Does It Work?

Affiliate Marketing is when you search a Keyword (topic) into Bing, Google and or Yahoo you find someone reviews this product. This person that is reviews this product will most likely have an Affiliate link in their blog post, YouTube video, Social Media and a lot more.

When you click this link and decide to buy this product once you buy the product the person that has the affiliate link will end up making money. Affiliate Marketing is one of many ways to make money online it is one of the more popular methods.

Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable?

To be honest yes it is a profitable way to make a passive income Affiliate Marketing is what most people leverage while you work online. The reason why people use Affiliate Marketing a lot in the online space is that you don’t have to have any type of products of your own.

The reason being is that you will be signing up for a program that has online only based products (video tutorials/training), or they will be promoting products that are physical products.

Places To Find Affiliate Programs Or Products To Promote

  • Amazon Associates
  • Commission Junction
  • ClickBank
  • JVZoo

I haven’t had any experience with any of these except for Amazon Associates which is a good program they have thousands of products that you can leverage to make money. Amazon Associates does have a really low commission rate of around 5%-10%. This shouldn’t deter you from using Amazon Associates since it can make you money and eventually a full time income.

There are online training programs that can teach you how to you work online and they will have Affiliate Programs where you can promote that online business training. Some programs are legit some are not so much you just have to find the one or ones that work for you.

Is Affiliate Marketing Difficult?

To be honest I don’t think Affiliate Marketing is difficult since all you need to do is get your affiliate link and promote it. For example, I have a blog in my blog I will be talking about different things in some of my posts I post on my blog I will review a program or product. When I do that I will get my affiliate link for that program or product, which in turn I put it in my blog post putting a CTA (call to action) in the blog in certain places.

The people that come to my blog they read if the people like what they see and feels like buying they will, then you will get a commission from that program or product.

Now those are the easy parts of Affiliate Marketing (other than finding your niche/topic to discuss). The hardest part is trying to use your blog posts to rank, in Bing, Google or Yahoo so you can start getting traffic. That is the hardest thing to do is trying to get traffic to your site then they will either buy or not buy that program or product. The reason being is that getting traffic to your site takes time and hard work in order to do that.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

From what you have read above I would have to say yeah Affiliate Marketing is worth it. This isn’t the only way to make money online because their are plenty of ways, Affiliate Marketing is something I like to do. Affiliate Marketing is one of my favorite ways to make money.

For anybody that is new to the online world, because you can pick whatever you want that you are passionate about and start promoting those products. Find those Affiliate Programs that you find are worth it and start promoting that program or product.

Ultimately you are the one to decide if Affiliate Marketing is something you want to do you know?

Do You Need A Website To Do Affiliate Marketing?

In the online world their are some people who use websites in order to make money and their are some that don’t use websites in order to make money. For example in a blog you will write out a blog post about that product you are promoting so you can get sales.

There are the ones that use sales funnels like (ClickFunnels or another program like this), in order to promote their product or program to get sales.

Some will stick by only using a blog in Affiliate Marketing and not worry about sales funnels like (ClickBank). Using a sales funnel that others only used to be honest I believe i is all preference.

Me personally I use my blog the one you are on now to get traffic and sales, then I also use a sales funnel to do the same thing promote the products and programs. They are both effective in their own way to be honest it really all depends on what works best for you.

Affiliate Marketing Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

When it comes to Affiliate Marketing even you work online in any way there is no such thing as get-rich-quick. The reason why is because all businesses take time to build, mature and eventually make a profit.

Is there a chance that someone new could get a sale pretty quick?

Yeah I believe everything happens for a reason and that nothing is impossible so with that being said when it comes to sales we can all get them. Some using Affiliae Marketing that are newbies can make their first sale quick, there is no guarantee you will get a sale.

You Need To Put In Work In Order To See Results

I believe in The Law Of Attraction and I believe what you put out you will get back in return. Basically if you are willing to really work on your business then you should go out and do what you can to achieve all your goals. Results in affiliate marketing can vary from time to time but once you get consistent traffic to your site you will surprise how many sales you will get.

To be honest your success anywhere in life you have to work for it in order to see what you want to see, slacking will not get you anywhere so keep on taking consistent action.

When it comes down to it Affiliate Marketing is legit and is one of the many ways to make money online that you can leverage. It is always nice to have different ways to make money and working towards your Dreams the can all come true just believe and you will see.

I hope the best for you guys if you have any questions just drop them down in the comments


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