Social Media has grown over the years here are some of major social media platforms

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat

This is a few of these social media platforms usually we used to connect with friends and family. Other use these social media platforms to grow their businesses with free and sometimes paid traffic. In this post I will talk about Instagram automation does it work, and a little information on what exactly is Instagram and how it works.

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What Is Instagram How Does It Work?

Instagram is another social media platform that you share pictures on it. You have a caption or a description below the picture in order to tell your followers and sometimes non followers what you want to say. You can get followers and you can also follow others that use Instagram.

You can post a picture that doesn’t break Instagram’s rules you can post as much as you want. Some people use Instagram for their businesses to grow their following in order to get free traffic. Some even are even influencers on Instagram which can get paid for a sponsored post or get free things from other companies (get into that later.

How Does Instagram Work?

You will make an account, post a profile picture, make a bio a few interests about yourself. Then you will post a picture talk about your picture use relevant hashtags to that picture (only 30 hashtags per post). Those hashtags gets your picture seen by more people, which can get you more likes, followers, and also comments. You can also follow others sometimes they follow back sometimes they do not.

It is a picture version of Facebook you can make your profile private so only the people you want following you can see your content. I personally like using Instagram personal and for my business, it is free to start the only time it is paid is if you pay for ads.

What Is Instagram Automation Does It Work?

Instagram automation is a way to get followers (without much work) this automation will help get you more followers, engagement on your content (likes and comments). You will have to buy a program just look up Instagram Automation and you can find different programs. Some programs will have a free week or so trial some don’t do your research you will find one that works for you that is f you want to use automation.

All you really have to do while your Instagram account is in automation is to post your pictures, write your content and if you feel like it follow the people that have followed you. This is a faster way in getting a following, the old-fashioned way is doing all this like, follow, unfollow, comment by yourself will take a lot of time to do.

The Old Fashioned Way Without Automation.

These Are Things You Would Have To Do

  • Follow Other People’s IG Accounts
  • Unfollow Other People’s IG Accounts
  • Like & Comment Other People’s Content

Follow Other People’s IG Accounts 

You will have to find accounts that are in the same niche or topic as your account is. For example if your IG account is mostly about travel you follow other travel accounts. You will want to find big travel Instagram accounts and look through their following, engage with those accounts like, comment, follow.

These accounts should follow you back and engage in your content to since you did it to them. The reason you want to find other people’s accounts that are the same as yours. This is because if you pick accounts like car accounts and accounts totally different from yours, they probably won’t engage with you account.

Unfollow Other People’s IG Accounts 

Some people swear by this method which is does work to a point some people will notice that you unfollowed them so they will unfollow you to. Others will stay as your follower even though you unfollowed them. This is a strategy people used to get a bigger following while keeping their following smaller. You can only follow 7,500 Instagram accounts before you can’t follow anymore.

There are others that don’t believe in this strategy in growing your following but in the end it is up to you if you want to follow and unfollow others.

Like & Comment On Other People’s Content 

this will help you gain engagement on your content by liking and commenting on other peoples content. You will manually have to find these accounts that are like yours like and comment on their content. Usually they will do the same to your content and there will be others that like your content enough to give you a follow.

All of this like I said above will take a lot of time out of your day to find these accounts and do everything I stated above. I am not saying you should go out and buy a program that will automate your Instagram, I am just giving you information that it is there at your disposal for you to gain followers.

Does Instagram Automation Work?

Yeah it does work depending on what accounts you target it can grow your IG accounts faster than if you were to do it the old fashioned way. A lot of people that are promoting other programs and products to make money use automation. Some that have blogs that want free traffic with CTA (Call To Actions) in their posts will use automation.

Instagram Automation is a fast way to gain followers that will be highly engaged with your account. Also, if you are promoting a product, program even your blog, you get free traffic and make money.

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Is Instagram Automation For You?

To be honest this is really up to you and your goals, if you are a regular person just wanting to get a following just because you can then do it. A business that is trying to get their name out their and get more traffic to their site and eventually more sales this is right for you. You could hire a social media manager to manage your social media accounts but those would cost more than using automation or doing it yourself.

Automation does help to get followed and engagement fast, but you can still get a decent following organically. Doing this organically or as I call it the fashioned way, It will just take a lot more time than using automation.

It is pretty cool with what you can do with Instagram I use it for my personal account and my business account. You don’t have too have two accounts you can stick with one this is up to you and your goals you know?

All in all I hope this helps you on if automation for your Instagram is right for you it is a good tool leave your questions below in the comments

Love Life, Live Life remember #nosreamisimpossible

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