Most if not all of us use YouTube we all use it for different purposes some will use YouTube for entertainment purposes, how to videos, cat videos the list goes one. There are others that use the platform to be content creators to build an audience reasons we don’t know.

Have you ever thought about the fact you can make money by uploading videos?

A lot of us probably never thought that we could ourselves or even know how to start a YouTube channel up. To be honest with you it is actually really easy to get one started that will eventually lead to people watching your content.


How To Start A YouTube Channel?

  1. You will need to create a Gmail account– The reason you have to create a Gmail account is because Google owns YouTube you will use that email to get things started. Go to sign in with your Gmail email and password you used for that email and you have a YouTube account.

2. You will want to verify your account on YouTube so you can more options for you to use.

3. Find a Niche you want to have your channel around this can be anything that you are interested in and you can talk about. For example if you are interested in fitness you will talk about fitness related things on your channel. Another example if you are interested in how to make money online you will talk about things related in that niche or topic.

4. Customize your channel by writing out your bio or about me section so people that come to your channel will know what your channel is about. You can put social links and your website in this area to. Then you will want to create a photo for the header of your channel, this can be a logo a quote of some sort your name. The best thing to do is go to other YouTube channels that are in your niche and see what they have done to get ideas for your channel.

Creating a YouTube channel is actually really easy as you can see this is probably the easiest part the parts that take work I will talk about below.

How To Make Money With YouTube?

Making money with YouTube will take time it is a topic some don’t know that you can make money with your channel. I have seen some say that they don’t believe you can make money with YouTube but you actually can I will list a few of those ways down below.

    4 ways to make money with YouTube

    Affiliate Marketing-

    This is where you have a niche or topic you have chosen you will find affiliate programs in that niche. You talk about it Review that product or service to your audience you will than use a call to action saying click the link in the description below to find out more (something along those lines). Once your audience is interested they click the link they buy you will get a commission from the purchase.

    You can also do this with a blog  if you are interested in how to create a blog I have created a video on how you can do that watch that video below at the end of the post.

    Create your own product or service

    This can be anything I’ll give an example of a product or service. Let’s say you are an expert at growing your Instagram account you could create a course on how to grow your Instagram organically. You will do videos on how to do this the strategies you would take to grow your IG account.

    You will than find a service that you can sell this program on or even create your own membership site to sell this training. This will take work though because of the fact you will be creating everything plus you will have to update this training so you can keep selling it.

    The reason I mention you will have to update this training is because if you want to sell it years down the road. You will need to update to the latest strategies to grow your Instagram. One strategy you use today may not work all that good a year or two or even three years down the road you know?

    It is different if you will be selling this course for a limited amount of time, this is up to you though what you will do.

    Sponsorships on your YouTube channel

    Have you ever seen a video on YouTube where someone will mention a company either before they get into what the video is about, in the middle of the video or at the end?

    If so this is a sponsored YouTube video for example you could be a decent sized channel. A company comes to you offers to pay you a certain amount of money for you to mention their service or product in your video. You will usually get a link to tell your audience to go and click on that link in the description so they can get that product.

    This helps out the channel and the person creating the content this could be you down the road as your channel grows.

    YouTube Partner Program

    Have you ever watched a video and you get an ad in the video or multiple ads depending on the length of the video?

    If you have this is because this particular channel is a part of the YouTube Partner Program not all channels can be eligible to be a part of the YPP. This is because there are some minimum requirements you have to meet before you can apply. Then your channel will get reviewed by someone to see if your channel is a good fit.

    Minimum requirements to apply for the YouTube Partner Program

    • Have more than 1,000 subscribers
    • Have more than 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months
    • Live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available
    • Follow all the YPP program policies
    • You will have to link a Google Adsense account

    I have seen some call these ads YouTube ads which is kind of true. The correct name is Google Adsense which as you know Google owns YouRube. Any ads that are displayed on the video is coming from Google Adsense those advertisers pay Google to have those ads on YouTube.

    This is how you will get paid by YouTube that is if you meet those requirements and they accept your channel into the YPP.

    This one small way to monetize your blog to is throughout a Google Adsense I will mention that these ads on YT and or on your blog doesn’t pay much. In order to make some good money from these ads is when you are getting a lot of views and or traffic to your website.

    A Few Tasks You Should Do To Optimize Your YouTube Video

    These are some important things I do to make my videos rank better, find the audience I am targeting, a few things to do in order to monetize with affiliate marketing.

    1. Create a title for your video that has a keyword or keyword phrase you are targeting so you can rank your video do that keyword or phrase. An example let’s say you are doing a review on programs called Summit Affiliate VS. Wealthy Affiliate, your title will say something like this.

    Summit Affiliate VS Wealthy Affiliate Review – Which Program Is A Good Fit For You.

    In this title is your keywords and or key phrase your trying to rank for in YiuRube and all the seat engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. Your video will be based all on these two programs give them all the information and opinion than the ones who watch will either sign up or they won’t.

    2. You will want to fill out your video description with relevant keywords and what’s your video is about. You will also want to put your affiliate links and or funnels in there as well

    You Have To Put In Hard Work and Time To Achieve This

    Yep this won’t be a way to get rich quick or make money fast at all, in order to make money you have to put in work and it will take time.

    In a way YouTube can get you more eyes on your video and other content faster than if you were to just rely on a blog. The thing is that you will have to keep your audience attention, create value packed videos that will help others.

    Creating YouTube videos can take a little bit of time in order to make a good quality video what I mean is this. Go to YouTube and look at vidoes in your niche, a lot of the time people will record through their day then watch their video so they can edit what they don’t need.

    The reason being is becuase some things you would end up saying a video is more filler than it is valuable. Some videos (not all) will be between a few minutes up to around 15 minutes. There are some vidoes that go on for 30 to an hour, but not eveybody actually wants to watch a long video.

    This is where the editing process of cutting parts of the video out plus putting in the music (if you have any) and other affects that you want to put in your video. Now this isn’t mandatory you could post up a video that is 20 minutes long and upload it to you YT channel. You will have to do what you feel is best for your channel you know?

    With All That Being Said Never Give Up On What You Love To Do

    Even when the going gets rough you should keep pushing through and working learning more. You never know when you will hit the gold mine. There will always be risks to be taken in life some small some big but in the end working on the things you love whether that is YouTube, a blog or both keep working on it will be worth it in the end.

    I mentioned above it will take work if you love creating content then there will be no worries on what to do. Keep that head up and stay positive I will leave it here.

    Any questions or thoughts leave them in the comments below I will get back to you ASAP.




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