In life, we all get comfortable at some point especially at our J.O.B’s even if we dread going to work everyday. I have done it on multiple occasions but now it is different. This is because I finally have gotten to a point in my life that I know my worth. I realized that I am expendable at my J.O.B it is sad to say but to be honest most of us if not all of us are expendable.

We go through life believing we need to work at a J.O.B whether you like it or not. We have to suck it up and deal with it until we find something different and hopefully love what we do. Just say you don’t like what you do we may say “we hate our J.O.B I wish I could live my life the way I want to.”

There is talk but sometimes rarely any action to change your situation. So you get comfortable because of the stable check you get every week or every two weeks whichever one it may be.

You are still day dreaming of living wild and free like this flower


If you look at nature you will notice it grows and grows and grows until it dies or someone cuts it or a natural disaster destroys it. Nature is living free without any restrictions that’s why I talk about how our lives should be like nature wild and free. Since we are never promised tomorrow I always do my best to get out of my comfort zone and live life like I want.

Getting out of your comfort zone is a step in the direction of achieving your dreams. If you let others like your J.O.B restrict you than you will probably end up being unhappy with your life since you can’t do what you want to do.

Living wild and free has it It’s benefits just like getting out of your comfort zone. Living wild and free without restrictions from a J.O.B you can travel the world without having to deal with a boss saying you have to be back in a week. Since you are your own boss because your J.O.B could be based from a laptop like a digital nomad. Plus being your own boss you can be at home way more and love what you do instead of dreading going to work 5 days a week. Getting out of your comfort zone you can learn new things about yourself instead of just doing the same things. Like just say for instance you never been on a plane and are afraid of heights. You could hop on a plane and face that fear of flying or better yet go skydiving and Lilly two birds with one stone. See getting out of your comfort zone could help you grow as a person and live a better life

I have always lived by the quote not sure who wrote it but it resonates with me.

“If you don’t work for your dreams someone will hire you to work for theirs.”

I mention this quote because it is so true but really sad I say it is sad because instead of living the life, we want and towards our dreams we usually end up comfortable at a J.O.B you don’t like. We day dream of being on the beach, traveling the world, being with family and friends more often, going on road trips, or whatever it is you dream about doing. We are trading our precious time we can’t get back for a paycheck that is probably just getting you by? Is that really worth your time to sacrifice your time for a little bit of money that can be made at anytime?

Me personally nope I don’t feel like it is worth sacrificing my time for money at a J.O.B that seems you as expendable. Instead, use that J.O.B as a stepping stone to get to you hopes and dreams to live that dream life you day dream about at your J.O.B anyway.

Make those small and big changes in your life so you can be comfortable in the fact you are working for yourself and your dreams. Also, always in some ways get uncomfortable so you can still grow and learn new things. Experience new experiences like traveling to new countries, being a mentor and teaching others your skills and a lot of other things.

Just remember life is short we all have one life live it up as much as you can find your passions and do them. Whatever you want to do go and do it there is more to life than to work, get paid, pay bills and die. Life is much bigger and better than that.

Love Life, Live Life remember #nodreamisimpossible

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