This is my Eclipse Review (By Jono Armstrong & Brendan Mace).

I am on Jono Armstrong & Brendan Mace’s email lists. This is how I even heard about Eclipse.

From all the programs I have purchased from them. They actually put out some pretty good programs.

So when I heard about their new program they were launching.

I thought I should pick it up and give you guys a sneak peek. Also to let you know if this program is worth it or not.

Let’s get into the Eclipse Review (By Jono Armstrong & Brendan Mace)

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What Is Eclipse?

This is a brand new program Jono Armstrong & Brendan Mace just launched.

You will find the front end price pretty cheap going for $12.95. Plus an upsell running you $197 with a $50 downsell.

Recommend yep I do

I mentioned above that from what I have see come from Jono & Brendan. I have been pretty happy with their training.

In this course called Eclipse they claim to show you how. You can hijack traffic from the pros or gurus.

Now is this true?

Yea, you can say this is true you kind of are hijacking the “gurus” traffic it isn’t how you think though.

This method that you get taught in Eclipse is not a free method it is actually a paid method. You will be doing paid ads with YouTube, which isn’t going to be for everyone.

Not everyone has a budget for paid ads but if you do then I feel Eclipse can work for you.

There are three videos that you should be focused on this is

  • Beginners (Easy)- 33 minutes long for the beginners to start out with.
  • Intermediate- 27 minutes for the intermediate more advanced way compared to the Easy method.
  • Expert- 23 minutes long this is method is for the Experts.

All of these methods use YouTube ads but they all differ from each other have different steps.

Jono Armstrong will be the one teaching you all the steps in each of the training videos.

I will give an overview of what you will get I will leave the nitty gritty details for Jono to teach. If I gave everything away then there would be no point in you buying right?

In the beginners video– You will learn how to promote ClickBank product with your review video. This video ad will be placed on big YouTubers in your niche videos.

They have to be YouTubers that are monetized because then it won’t work since ads only show up on monetized channels.

Intermediate video– In this video you will do the same as in the beginners video but there are some differences. Instead of promoting ClickBank products you will be promoting JVZoo or Warrior Plus programs.

The reason why you will be promoting ClickBank products in the beginner and not in the intermediate and expert. Is because when you’re a beginner it is easy to promote ClickBank products.

Since CB you can get your affiliate right there after signing up.

When it comes to JVZoo and Warrior Plus you have to request your affiliate link. The vendors of these programs that you want to promote may not let you promote it since you are a beginner.

This doesn’t mean they won’t let you but it is better to get a footing in the industry with CB. Then move onto trying to promote JVZoo and Warrior Plus.

You will learn how to launch jack traffic this is basically finding a product/program on JVZoo or Warrior Plus. That will be launching soon and make a review on this program so you can rank for it when it lauches.

Also you will need to have a worpress website to create your bonus page with Thrive Architect. Jono goes into detail on how to get this set up for cheap in his video.

Some expenses with this method is you will need to spend money on a domain name, hosting and the Thrive Architect.

Expert– In this video you will be taught some really advanced techniques that jono goes into detail so you don’t get lost. I can say this one really got me I was like this one is an interesting way.

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Is Eclipse By Jono Armstrong A Scam Or Legit?

I did buy this program by Jono Armstrong & Brendan Mace I don’t believe Eclipse is a scam.

I believe this is a totally legit program that can help you make money online.

Now the only thing is this program is only teaching you one way to make money online. This way is through paid ads on YouTube which to me isn’t going to be for everybody.

Not everybody has a budget for ad spend some will not be able to find that extra money to pay for these ads.

Yeah you can save your money and use that money you saved in order for you too buy these ads.

This is totally up to you though there are some people out there that believe you should learn free traffic first. For example creating a blog and using SEO (Search Engine Optimiztion) to get free traffic.

I know with me I see it as both can make you money the free way is going to take a lot longer to see results. Blogging will take you months if not a year or more to get traction and money flowing in.

Unless you get lucky and get people buying from your sight left and right.

When it comes to paid traffic through ads like YouTube it will take money and you could lose some in the beginning. With training like this you will be able to set up your ads the right way.

Blogging is a legit way and so it free traffic I actually do both but I haven’t used YouTube ads yet. Going through the training in Eclipse I will implement this I know it will work.

The business model that is being leveraged here is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a legit way to make money online some would argue leveraging the Eclipse way is a short term fix. The best way to go about making money online is leveraging a blog so you can get free traffic.

Now my opinion is that you could use any of these ways to make a legit online business. It is up to you which way you want to go about it you know?

Leave in the comments below what you think of this Eclipse Review (By Jono Armstrong).

Also let me know what you think of Eclipse, do you believe you can leverage this program to make money or no?

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