Dreams we should always follow even when you have others are telling you not to, or that it is impossible for you to follow your dreams. No dream is impossible if you really want it, there is always work involved to get to our dreams your dreams won’t just fall into your lap without having to do some type of work to get to them. We dream in our sleep, day dream while we are at work, we are always dreaming about our dreams but we have to make goals in order to achieve them.

Our dreams are different from one another some examples of DREAMS could be you want to travel the world, you want to work from home so you can be your own boss, you want be Free the list goes on and on. We all can achieve them our mindset has to be right we have to be positive on our road to achieving our dreams. Ever since I can remember I was taught to go to school pass, all my classes hopefully get into a good college than eventually graduate college get a job. One thing I was never taught was to FOLLOW MY DREAMS. I will guess that you weren’t taught to follow your dreams? If you were you are one of the lucky one. Our society that is all we are taught to do is to work trade our TIME for MONEY under a boss that, is making way more money than is than the owner is making the big bucks. Now there is nothing wrong with working for your money, if we don’t have money than we can’t get what we want right? See our TIME is precious we can’t get our TIME BACK, MONEY, J.O.B= JUST OVER BROKE we can get back. There is one thing though do you really want to work for someone else for 8+ hours a day for, minimum wage or even a 6 figures trading your precious time for money? I know I don’t I say this because, working 8+ hours a day just say for 6 figures a year you still aren’t able to travel or spend time with family as much as we want to WHY? This is because most of our time is at work despite having a decent amount of money to blow throughout the year, we probably get a week or two of vacation plus weekends if you aren’t already working those. We all have 24 hours in a day those hours go by fast and if we are working under someone for more than half of that time than, what kind of life are we really living? Are we really living our life to the fullest and living our dream life? Let that sink in for a minute even sleep on that thought.

You see working isn’t the problem we all have to work to get what we want to get to our DREAMS, the thing is it is not really about money because we can make all the money in the world but still be unhappy. What it is about is the QUALITY OF LIFE we want while working. In life, it is QUALITY over QUANITY why do I say this? We all want to be happy in life some of the happiest people in life are the ones with the fewer things (money, material things we all want but don’t need). See TRADING our TIME for MONEY at a J.O.B we work 8+ hours a day, that can help get to our DREAM LIFE we have to use it to our advantage so we can get there.

A positive mindset helps with getting to your DREAMS some of the ways you could use as tools to get a more positive mindset is read a self-help book, or a book about making money, read positive quotes the list goes on. POSITIVITY is the KEY to SUCCESS the people we surround our selves with can affect how our dreams manifest. If the people around is whether it be at work, home, our friends if they are always telling you that “your dream isn’t possible” or something negative like that, than why have them around? If you don’t have positive people around you and don’t have the same mindset than it will be a little harder for you not to follow your DREAMS, since you will have DOUBT in your head that you can’t get to your DREAMS. Do your best to put like-minded people around you, ones that will motivate you to get to your dreams.

I will mention some of the books that can help with mindset and also help with money RICH DAD POOR DAD, CASHFLOW QUADRANT GUIDE TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM and THE 4-HOUR WORK WEEK.

These are some good books to read about mindset and help with money there are a lot of good books out there that can help with, that look up books on mindset, money, self help. These specific ones are only a little over $10 on amazon you could get them for cheaper, if you want to get used ones check them out you won’t regret it

All in all life is short life is precious we should always work towards our goals and dreams, even if it means working at a job we hate to get there hey do it there is no right or wrong in following your dreams. Put goals out there achieve them get to where you want to be, make your life better make you a better person because it is possible. Me personally I want to travel the world, I want to be able to have more free time than spending 10+ hours driving a rock truck and driving 2 hours to work and back home. So being gone for 14 hours a day is no life at least it isn’t for me, so for me working online is the best option because than I can work from anywhere in the world and still make money. I know we all have different lives we all have different DREAMS and what we want in life, it all boils down to you and your actions you take to get to those dreams and goals. Are you an ACTION TAKER a RISK TAKER? Will you go out here and finally follow your DREAMS? Think about these questions and use them to get to your DREAM LIFE because if one person can, do it anybody can do it. #nodreamisimpossible

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