Yes the law of attraction really does work to be honest we use the law of attraction even without even realizing that we are. I say this because a lot of us either don’t believe in it or they don’t even know what the law of attraction is. Have you noticed if you wake up in the morning then your day starts out bad then as the day goes by your day usually doesn’t ever get any better? Or if your day start your day bad then you just let it slide and your day gets better?

This is the law of attraction working for you and against you it is kind of crazy how just one thought and action can change your day into being good or bad.

What Is The Law Of Attraction

It is a process that some new agers use and the metaphysical practitioners and even regular people used to get what they want in life. It is a practice where a thought you think with an action put into place so you achieve all the things you ever wanted.

So just say you wanted more money you would have the thought of money but you would also put action into place to make that money. Or if you wanted to have a good day you would have positive thoughts running through your mind and letting the negative slide. So when that happens you will have a good day even if there is negativity around you.

It takes practice in order to make it work so anything we put out in the universe negative and positive that is what we will get back in our life.

How To Apply The Law Of Attraction

How I apply The Law Of Attraction is by practicing how I react to things in my life. What I mean is that if some one comes up and is all negative at one point. Before I started practicing the law of attraction I would let the negative get to me and I would react to these situations in the wrong way. As I would react I would have that stick with me and I would be in a crazy funk for the rest of the day because of that situation.

Once I found out about how my thoughts and actions could dictate what happened in my day I started reading the book THE SECRET. That is when I jumped down the rabbit hole of how all of this works started studying even more about it and got to a point where I could turn my bad day into a good day without too much effort. Your thoughts and actions are huge in how it works for you.

So thoughts along with action and practice you can make The Law Of Attraction Work for you.

The Law Of Attraction Tips

Here are some things you can do to help you with making it work

  • Thoughts
  • Actions
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people
  • Practice makes “perfect”

Like I said before your thoughts and actions can be huge in how it works for you if you don’t practice on how not to react in a negative way or let the negative get to you than you will attract just that. I am not saying I don’t slip here and there because I do but I am able to bounce back quick and get on with my day without it taking over it.

Don’t let the negative rule you and your thoughts because in reality you rule your thoughts. If you let your thoughts rule you to be honest you will feel stuck because you won’t have control over what you can control. Sometimes we let things we can’t control in our lives get to us but you shouldn’t. If you let it get to you do what you can to get grounded again and calm so you can start being positive again.

Surround yourself with like-minded people if you want to be a positive person being around all negative ones that is what you will attract. So do what you can to find the ones that have the same mindset as you so you can push each other and live the life you really want to live. Once the ball starts to move The Law Of Attraction will work for you in crazy good ways. No matter how positive you are if you keep the toxic people around you will be brought down to their low vibration and that isn’t good.

Practice makes “perfect” if you practice this everyday like you would with basketball or any other skill you will get better and better at it. Eventually you will be to a point where you won’t even acknowledge the negative people because you know that it could mess your day up and that is a good thing. Practice even when you feel like your an expert because once you think you know everything about anything in life especially the law of attraction you will not really grow as fast as you want to.

Money And The Law Of Attraction

You can attract money if you are in the same vibration to attract it and in the right mindset. Life works in crazy ways and yeah money may not be attracted to you overnight when using the law of attraction to get money but it will happen. Like for me I remember when I really wanted money I would get it when thinking about it but it wasn’t in big chunks it was in small ways but it worked. Eventually as I progressed the trickles became a river flowing I am not rich or nothing but if you keep applying it you will get what you want but it takes time.

Money isn’t everything though you should want it when you need it but use the law of attraction for the good of others and helping you live your life to the fullest you possibly can you know?

You can get whatever you want in this life if you want money, to travel the world, be your own boss, have a more positive life or whatever else you want just manifest it with your thoughts and actions. If I can be manifesting my dream life you can to I may not be exactly where I want to be but I love life and I am loving the fact I know how to use THE LAW OF ATTRACTION to benefit me and others in my life.

So with that being said I hope you benefited from this and if you have any questions just leave a comment below

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