Have you ever wanted to create a website but didn’t know how?


You thought there was to much technical stuff involved in creating your own website that is why you haven’t created one yet?

I have news for you we live in an age now where we can get information in a blink of an eye. A simple Bing or Google search will lead us to the If formation we seek, it is the same with creating a website.

Unlike 10 years ago or even further back 15, 20 years ago, you needed to know how to do code or hire someone to code your website.

You had to deal with everything yourself or spend money for someone to do it. The thing is even if you knew how it was time-consuming in order to get your website up and running like you wanted it.

Now it is way different you can create a free website with a free domain name in a few clicks of a button that’s it.

There are many free website builders out there today the one we will specifically talk about in this post is SiteRubix.



Create A Free SiteRubix Website In A Few Short Steps

  1. Go here to make your free Site Rubix Website

2. The page you land on should look like thisCreate A Free SiteRubix Website
3. You will type in the domain name of your site in the box if that name is available I You can go ahead and create your free website.

This is what your website URL will look like laptoplyfestyle.siterubix.com, I just created this website as I am writing this post as an example. I will eventually build it out that will be later though when I get the time to you know?

Site Rubix is a company that was created by founders Carson and Kyle which also created the training platform Wealthy Affiliate.

You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

4. After you are done doing that you will be led to a page like this

Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up Form

This is a sign up form to create your free account with Wealthy Affiliate, this is how you will get your free site with SiteRubix.

4. After you get all signed up you can start to add content to your website which will be hosted on Wealthy Affiliate at no cost to you.

Another good perk about having a free Starter Membership at WA is the fact you be given 2 Free SiteRubix sub domain Websites.

What Is A Free Subdomain That You Get From A Place Like SR?

A sub domain if you don’t know is a website that you don’t own the company that you had gotten the free website from owns it.

These free sub domain websites are limited in their functionality.

An example just say you were to get a free sub domain website from WordPress.com. You will have to deal with ads on the site you can’t take those off since you don’t own the site WordPress.com does.

You can’t use premium theme nor premium plugins on these free sub domain websites.

Affiliate links are something you can’t really use in a sub domain from some sites especially WordPress.com.

This is why siterubix.com is the best option if you want a free sub domain blog you have training to teach you on how to grow an online business. You will also get to promote what you want on these free SiteRubix websites that you get since you can use affiliate links on them.

These websites you can use as a personal blog or you can use this website to build your online business this can eventually lead to a Passive Income online. There is no guarantee that you will make money but it is possible if you put in the time and work to make the passive online income.

Now onto how Wealthy Affiliate can help you and growing your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership Training

You do get training even with the free Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate or WA for short.

Can the 10 lesson getting started training help you?

    To be honest this depends yes it can help you especially if you are a newbie at building a website and learning the basics on affiliate marketing.

    The free Starter Membership Training will not help you if you already know how to build a website and if you know about affiliate marketing.

    In order to get full access to all of the

    • Training
    • Community
    • Sitecomments & Sitefeedback
    • 50 websites (25 free, 25 paid domains .com $14.99 a year)
    • Access to the owners Carson & Kyle
    • Keyword research tool Jaaxy

    What Will WA Premium Membership cost you?

    There are three different payment options monthly, pay every 6 months or pay once a year.

    • Monthly- $50
    • Every 6 months- $234
    • Yearly- $359

    Pick any of these it really is up to you if you want to upgrade to premium.

    You can sign up to get your 2 free Site Rubix Website plus all the other perks in the free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership.

    Is The Free SiteRubix Website Worth It?

    Yes, I believe the free Site Rubix Website is worth it for you to sign up so you can learn how to build an online business.
    The biggest reason I say SR is worth it to sign up to than places like wordpress.com is because if you are trying to build a business you can’t with their free sites. Since they have restrictions on affiliate links and those ads are kind of bothersome.

    You get 2 free websites in one account for free who can beat that deal?

    Then the option of premium when or if you feel like you want the perks I listed above of WA.

    One of the biggest things I like about having a Free SiteRubix Website which in turn you become a free Starter Member of Wealthy Affiliate is you can earn money.

    Yep as a free Starter Member of WA they offer you to get earn money for promoting WA. It may not be as much as being a premium member but you can still be a free ember and make money.

    Here is what you will get promoting Wealthy Affiliate as a free member someone upgrades to premium membership.

    • $4 special offer
    • $11.75 a month
    • $87.50 yearly

    To be honest with you there isn’t many programs out there that let you become an affiliate right from the get go.

    It is up to you whether you want to promote Wealthy affiliate or you want to build a Niche website (topic of your choice).

    With All That Being Said

    Building a free website with Site Rubix has a lot of perks compared to some other free website builders it is worth it though especially if you are new.

    It is always better to buy your own domain, because you own the site you can do what you want with. The customization of your own paid domain is what a lot of people like you can use whatever plugins you want and premium themes.

    Now this isn’t necessary at all you can always get to where you want with a free website you just can’t make it what you want because of the restrictions. Now if you are fine with that then go ahead and create your own free Site Rubix Websites.

    Let me Know what you think of SiteRubix.com in the comments below any questions leave them in the comments as well.

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