This is my Clout Pay Review – Is A Scam

I don’t know about you for a “#1 influencer Network” being around since 2015. First time I heard about Clout Pay was a week or two ago.

This is a GPT site you get paid to do simple tasks to make money.

I will give you all the dirt that I have come up with regarding this scam and why I say it is.

To be honest I don’t usually call programs scams this is a scam.

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What Is Clout Pay?

Website is

Owners we don’t know who they are

Price free to sign up “$25 sign up bonus”.

Recommend I don’t one bit

before Clout Pay came around on my other site I had done reviews on similar sites.

They are all scams just like this one some names are.

  • Clout Bucks (formerly Viral oat & Viral Dollars)
  • Notion Cash
  • Kids Earn Cash
  • Referral Pay

What makes these all similar besides the names they all claim to #1 influencer networks. Having paid out all this money to their members.

Doing research this is all lies I mentioned above if these companies were really paying. Don’t you think there would be real income proof?

I am not talking about the money that you see on your dashboard I am talking about actually money in your account.

I haven’t found evidence of this one but so a red flag right there.

This and all the others I listed above mentions getting paid to refer people and do tasks.

This clout pay scam is sounding like a get paid to site if you know anything about them they don’t pay much money.

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How Does Clout Pay Work?

The short answer is you will do tasks to “earn money”.

Some of the tasks and how much you will get “paid”

  • YouTube submission $50
  • $2 per click on your referral link
  • $10 per referral
  • $30 surveys and app downloads

How true are these claims?

They are fake you can’t make this much money per task with a get paid to site.

You can get paid money from a legit GPT site like SwagBucks, Instagc, Podcoin, oneopinion.

The thing is with all these sites is they pay you small amounts of money for every task that you do.

Yeah there are surveys that you can do that cost a few bucks, the thing is with these surveys is if you don’t qualify you don’t get all the points.

They will kick you from the survey some places pay you a small amount of points for participating others won’t give you anything.

This why when looking at Clout Pay and how they pay looks to good to be true.

How GPT sites get paid is through the advertisers that are put on these sites.

The advertisers pay the company a small amount of money per action or acquisition.

This can range from some cents all the way up to a dollar or two.

That is why the legit sites only pay you small amounts of money per task. Look at Instagc one of their points equals to 1 cent usd.

In order to make $1 you have to make 100 points most of the tasks are only a few points.

Looking at and how they pay is total BS how are they getting all of this money to pay you all this money?

To be honest with you they aren’t going to pay you they are just going to make it seem like they will but don’t.

How they scam you is through taking your information, this includes your full name, PayPal information (if that is the payment method you went with.), email, password.

This information is valuable to people they can sell this information for money these owners benefit from it.

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They claim to have been around since 2015 check below their domain was registered recently

Doing a little research I found their domain name was registered a few weeks ago.

Now if you are legit and have been around since 2015 your domain name should say this right?

I would think so because why would you have to change the domain names if you are a legit company?

This is my opinion but you wouldn’t if you are legit you wouldn’t need to change domains at all.

That is what happened with Viral Pay they changed their name a few weeks later to Viral Dollars now their name is Clout Bucks.

I actually think all of these sites are made by the same scammer and you should watch out for them.

Any site that claims to make you huge money for a free account and doing hardly no work at all I can bet is a scam.

There are no sites out there that will pay you big bucks for a free account. Now if you paid some money for this account then I could believe it but not for a free account.

With That Being Said

I will tell you how to make a Passive Income and not pennies for your hard work.

This is through affiliate marketing and with the program I learned this from you can learn how to do the same as I am.

  • Pick a niche or topic
  • Create a website around that niche
  • Find affiliate programs in that niche
  • Write content in your website around that niche
  • Put affiliate links in your post
  • Drive traffic to your post
  • People click those links they buy you get paid a commission from the purchase

Rinse wash repeat the same thing over and over.

As time goes by you will be making money while you sleep.

I will mention that this sounds easy it is but it takes a lot of work and time.

You won’t make moneyin the first couple of months unless you get lucky.

It also depends on the traffic that you are aiming for free or paid traffic.

Free traffic is going to take a lot longer to see traffic to your site.

Especially if you’re focusing on SEO traffic which is traffic from the search engines.

Now paid traffic can get you traffic faster and potential sales faster.

The thing is with paid traffic is that you could lose money.

Paid traffic just like any skill you have to do a trail and error type of practice to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

The reason I say this because you might find someone who says this works for them. Then you go and try it and it doesn’t work.

I feel like if you can do both paid and free do it but if you don’t have a budge t then focus on free traffic.

At least with free traffic you won’t lose your own money so this is totally up to you though you know?

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