This is my CashLoad Review – Is A Scam

There are so many scams out there we need to watch out for.

Always doing our research before jumping into a program.

You never know that program might just be a scam you know?

Cash Load is a get paid to site that claims to give you big pay outs.

While you do very little to earn this money.

In reality they are here to take your information and sell it.

The could sell it to other scammers you name it they would do it.

Now in this CashLoad Review we will be talking about a few different things.

  • Some of the other get paid to scams out there
  • why is a scam
  • how to avoid these scams

Stay tuned you will know why you should share with your friends and family.

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What Is CashLoad?

When looking at the website it doesn’t look like a scammer would be behind it.

The website looks decent, they show some “income proof”, “testimonials”.

All so they can make us believe this site is legit.

The biggest red flag is when they talk about their sign up bonus.

This sign up bonus is $25 I haven’t seen one get paid to site pay that much for a free account.

I have seen $10 from SwagBucks even then for their tasks they pay you pennies.

When it comes to CashLoad they pay you $30 for a task.

In reality they can’t pay you this much.

A get paid to site gets paid by advertisers to post their offers on their site.

For every action taken by a user the company gets paid a few bucks sometimes less.

Then they split that money with you in the end you are getting pennies.

Sometimes you might get lucky and get s few bucks these are rare though.

Let’s talk about some of the other Scam site real quick.

  • Clout Pay
  • Clout Bucks
  • Notion Cash
  • Referral Pay
  • Viral Market

The list goes on and on they keep popping up.

The reason why they keep popping up is because they get called out.

By reviewers like my site and others like it.

Whether through a blog or a video on YouTube.

Some fly under the radar for a while while others get called out from the jump.

Which in turn makes these scammers change up their names.

They keep up the scam going by doing this for instance.

The first scam I came around was Viral Pay they changed their name to Viral Dollars now it Clout Bucks.

Keep reading this CashLoad Review more truths about this scam below.

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How Does CashLoad Work?

I mentioned above they are claiming to be a get paid to site.

This is where you do tasks in order to make money.

The thing is with legit get paid to sites you get paid pennies.

They will not get you rich unlike these scam GPT sites might have you think.

You sign up for a a free account that gives you $25.

  • Do YouTube submissions promoting
  • They let you do IG and FB promotional posts.
  • Also they let you get $30 per task on their task wall.

These are all fake you won’t get paid one penny for your efforts.

The money in your dashboard may change as you complete the tasks the thing is. When you go to cash out after meeting the requirements.

CashLoad will give you a date for when you will get your payment. That day comes CashLoad will tell you that there was fraudulent activity.

So they will not give you your money it is sad but it is 100% true. Is A Scam Stay Away

On my video of Clout Pay there was a lot of people who believed Clout Pay was real.

They told me in the comments that they got paid.

In reality they didn’t they thought they did.

Some of these people never got back and if they did they said Clout Pay is a Scam.

Always do research on things like this so you won’t get scammed.

CashLoad is a site that will take your data sell it for their profit and never give you a dime. Even though they said they would scam sites like CashLoad are lying.

Share with your friends and family about this total scam so they don’t fall for it.

Do You Want To Know How To Create Your Own Online Business?

Start with Affiliate Marketing in short I will tell you how this works

  • Pick a niche or topic
  • Create a website
  • Find affiliate programs in that niche
  • Write about this niche in your posts
  • Drive traffic to these posts with your affiliate links in them
  • These people click your link if they buy you get a commission

This may sound like it is easy to do which it can be but getting traffic to your site, and getting sales take a while.

Unlike with CashLoad and other sites like it where they claim to make you money fast.

In reality you can’t make money fast at all anything in life worth working for takes time to get results.

In order to make money with Affiliate Marketing you have to work at it and keep working even when you are making money.

If you are willing to put in the work to create your own business and not give up then click here to find out how you can.

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