Have you ever seen someone have a blog and was saying I make my living off of blogging? You check out their site you see reviews on different products or programs and still don’t see how their money is made. Then you look it up and noticed they make money off of commissions and selling their own products (if you have your own products that is). Blogs make money through these things I will list and go into detail.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Their Own Products

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is for example is when you sign up to a program that they can promote use their affiliate link. When someone clicks on that link they buy you get paid a commission. Have you ever looked up ways to work online and you have seen people promoting a training program that helps with making you money? Then this essentially affiliate marketing because you are an affiliate and you are marketing to sell this program.

Now I know some will disagree because not every program is treated the same this is what I mean.

There are a few different types of Money Making Online programs that are considered different here’s and example. Herbalife and Advocare they are both MLM (Multi Level Marketing) you are an affiliate (independent distributor) for them because you have an affiliate link. What makes these MLM and other programs like Herbalife and Advocare differs from traditional affiliate marketing is that. You make you money off of not only the people you refer to one of these companies. You will be making money off of all the people in your down lines even the people you never referred. You are and affiliate so you are in a way affiliate marketing but it isn’t true affiliate marketing. These two companies have been around for years there is a new one called The Finosh Line Network and they use the MLM way of making money.

An Example Of True Affiliate Marketing

Is a program that you get an affiliate link to and you make money off of the people you refer. There are a lot of different programs that you can find that does this. CLICK HERE for one example WA or Wealthy Affiliate are all truly 100% affiliate marketing programs. Whenever someone clicks on your link to WA and signs up the person who promotes WA gets paid a commission.

With true affiliate marketing you only get paid from the person you referred to the program nobody else. There are other programs like amazon associates, click bank, commission junction, maxbounty, jvzoo and others that are true affiliate programs to. Look them all up and find which one you like I haven’t personally tried any except amazon assiociates.

Selling Their Own Products

Selling your own products is another way that blogs make money with. Basically they have a product whether that is a physical product, online training course, building other people’s websites. To be honest the possibilities are endless on what you can promote when you make your own product to sell.

One thing I feel is pretty cool is the fact unlike with Affiliate Marketing you get a commission of the sale but with selling your own products you get 100% of the sales. This is because it’s your product you are selling and not someone else’s. If you have any type of product you feel like you can sell and promote with a blog then hey go for it I know I would the only person stopping you from anything is you.

How Long Will It Take to Make Money With A Blog?

To be honest you really can’t put a time on how long it will take to make money with a blog. Really any business whether that is online or offline, it could take months to even years. What it really comes down to when you will make money with a blog are these things.


  • It Takes Time
  • Put Out Quality Content
  • You Have To Have Patience
  • Willing To Work For Free

It Takes Time

The reason I say that it takes time is because any business takes time to build. It takes time to make money come in to get your ROI back (Return Of Investment), it will be more time to make a profit. I like this quote that I believe is 100% true

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

If you look at it Rome took houndreda of years if not more to be the empire it was. Now a business offline or online is no different, it will take time for you to build your business into an empire of your own. Some will succeed faster than others will. One thing I have learned is you can’t compare your success to others success, we are all on different journeys different paths. We may see some people succeeding faster than us but you just have to be happy for them and keep working on your own business. Having envy and jealousy will ultimately hold you back from the full potential you can have.

Just keep working on your business and the money will eventually come.

Put Out Quality Content

When you write content you want to add value to your content that you put out. When you add value to your readers they will want to come back. Also, if you add that value people will trust you and will want to buy what you are promoting to them. You want to teach and let others know you care about them if you just promote without adding Value do you really think people will buy from you? Me I don’t believe so I know meIf I buy something from someone they have to add value.

You Have To Have Patience

A lot of people in the present just want things now and don’t have any patience they don’t want to wait to succeed, they just want it handed to them. To be honest whoever thinks like this won’t get to far I say this because, if you don’t have patience how will you be able to make your business succeed? I don’t think it will it isn’t impossible to do but it will definitely slow down your progress in making your business succeed.

When you actually wait and put in the work despite it probably is getting frustrating because it doesn’t seem like your making any pegress. One thing I have learned is that when it comes to any goals and failures in business is to many people quit way to early. Some even quit before that break through that if they waited just a little longer they would’ve seen that the process works.

Remember in business offline or online patience is a key factor to you succeeding.

Willing To Work For Free

when you think of work you probably think you should get paid for your work right? Which is true if you look at it like this though when you are doing what you love. Knowing that eventually with time your free work will pay off will you still work for free? I know my answer I would the reason being is because I would rather trade my time working for my dreams then trade my time for money working for some else’s dreams.


I see working for my dreams for free is worth it because of the countless of benefits you get to working and being your own boss. Even if it means working for free for months or even a few years I believe in the end the free time I put towards my business will be worth it don’t you?

There Are A Lot Of Different Ways To Make Money With A Blog

You just have to find what you are interested in and use that to your advantage if you are interested in building websites then do it and use that. If you love Affiliate Marketing then do that to, training others Learning the skills you learned then do it, even being a Social Media Influencer you could do that you can do just about anything

“Love What You Do And Do What You Love”

With all that being said it is 100% possible that blogs make money if you are interested in making a blog. Also, promoting whatever you want on it then what is stopping you here you go CLICK HERE.


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