Get Free Live Out Your Dreams.

I was looking up at the sky. The blue so deep and beautiful while the white clouds fly by freely it got me thinking.

Some think of life as restricting with J.O.B’s that are limiting some hate some love but are they freeing?

Think of life as the sky there’s no limit. Life is only limiting if you let it. open your mind find what frees you from the chains your J.O.B may limit. Eventually you can live life the way you want and get to your dreams and live it.

Since #nodreamisimpossible

Are you free in your life?

If not what can you do to get free in life?

In life we are always told to do this or that get a job go to school and just live day by day sometimes not loving our lives or, feel like we are restricted in our lives. We sometimes live our lives in this restricted way not knowing what we can do to get out it. Being restricted sometimes makes us want to live a certain way but since we never were taught to think outside the box we stay in this restricted path.

Life doesn’t have to be like that we can live freely if you really want to we just have to learn how. We can live out our dreams and live the lives we want. We all just have to think with a free and open mind, find out what lights the fire in you and follow your gut. Inspiration to get out of the restricted life can help and be a key to get out of the life you live and live your dream life.

Being restricted in our day to day life can makes us feel helpless, makes us feel like we are nothing to a point where we don’t know what to do we sometimes want to give up. That don’t sound free to you does it?

I know me I don’t want to live by a set time to get up and have to trade my time for money and restrict my life to help the big boss live out their dreams while I am making brumbs. I would rather work for my dreams and my goals to live out the life I want. Rather than live a life that I know for a fact I could have done more with life than work, pay bills and go to sleep and back to it. That right there isn’t living freely in my opinion that is restricting and not worth the out come in the end.

Find Your Passion Use That So You Can Live Freely

What do I mean by this?

It could be anything you want it to be honest it is what makes you happy and you know you can make a living off of it I will give an example.

Me I like to

  • Write
  • Travel
  • Play sports
  • Hike
  • Be out in nature
  • Work on cars

Those are a few are a few things I have passions about with any of those topics I could do freely and anytime I want to if I didn’t work at a regular J.O.B (JUST OVER BROKE). I could use my passion for writing to get me out of the daily grind by, buying a domain and starting up my own blog to be a Digital Nomad. Affiliate Marketing is another online venture you could take advantage to get too your dream life. Plus a lot of other things you could do so you can live FREELY.

We have to take action use your creativity to live life the way you want, because I know for a fact before I knew about any of this. I would always think or talk to friends about “how I could get out of working for someone else and work for myself?”. Now I have found out how and I am taking ACTION so I can live out my dreams always putting out goals to achieve using those as stepping stones to get where I want to be.

So in reality it is all possible you can live the life you want you just have to have the drive, take the action and find what you love use that as a stepping stone to start the fire and live a digital life.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to live life where ever you want to while working on your business at the same time. You could do it from your bed or from abroad while traveling to be honest where ever you can imagine as long as you are connected to the internet.

I know me personally that what I would love to do yeah you would have to work but you would live freely on your own terms without having to deal with a boss and working for someone else ever again.

Be positive, dream big, find your passions, love life, and remember you can live out your dreams if you really want to because #nodreamisimpossible.

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