There are many ways to start up a business you can create and build out your own brick and mortar business. That is the common one and requires you be location dependent to make a living, there is also another way to build a business that is online. Both of these ways to build a business is good there will be learning curves for both they can be learned if you put in the time and effort to learn these skills.

Advantages Of Building An Online Business

  • Location Independent
  • Set Your Own Hours
  • Take A Vacation Whenever You Want
  • Travel Abroad And Work At The Same Time

These are a four of the many advantages of building an online business let me explain why I feel these are my top four picks.

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Location Independent

When you look at a regular J.O.B (Just Over Broke) it even a brick and mortar business, in or see to make money you have to actively be at the location and work to make money. Especially when it comes to working a 9 To 5 J.O.B because that is an active income you have to work so many hours in a day and week in order to make your desired income.

Now when you grow your brick and mortar business and it becomes successful then you can take more leave time from your business, which in turn your employees will be doing majority of the work. With an online business as long as you have a computer and internet connection you can work from anywhere you want.

Set Your Own Hours

Like we all know working a regular 9 To 5 J.O.B we don’t really get to set our own ours we have to work a set amount of hours that your employer sets for you. One week your employer may have you working 30 hours another week 40 hours. In some cases if you are paid a salary and not hourly when it comes to working over time you don’t get paid for it.

At a regular 9 To 5 you hours are dependent on what your employer wants to give you, for some that isn’t ideal to work for someone else. This is where working online and setting your own hours comes into play.

When you work for yourself and have your own online business you can set the hours and how many hours you want to work. So one day you may be sick which most of us don’t want to do anything while we are sick, you can take the day off or even work some and still have a running business. Or even having a doctors’ appointment some

jobs would put up a fuse because you missed work. That is why working online for yourself is always a good options because you are your own boss.

Take A Vacation Whenever You Want

You got that right being your own boss this is another advantage of building business a business online. You can up and leave and go an extended vacation whenever you want to since first you are not making and active income, plus you are your own boss which you make the rules.

When working a regular 9 To 5 you have to deal with knowing how much vacation or sick leave you have and letting your employer know ahead of time about your vacation. What’s sucks about that is the fact you have to deal with, only having a week or two off a year.

I know for me a week or two sometimes even three weeks isn’t enough time off and that time flys by way to fast. You don’t want that time to end but you know it will and have to go back and work all over again. Most live for the weekends which we should be living every day and not having those dreaded Monday feels.

Travel Abroad And Work At The Same Time

This is another advantage of building an online business you can travel the world while still working and making money. You can’t do that with a regular 9 To 5, where you have to be at work and work 10 hours a day sometimes or even less to make money.

When you have your online business and making your passive income (in short make money while you sleep) you won’t have to worry about a boss saying when you have to be back to work. Or even having a set amount of time to travel you can, travel indefinitely and be a digital nomad. Work while you travel that sounds like an awesome advantage don’t you think?

You won’t have to really save up money and have to worry about coming back home since your home is where you set it not where your J.O.B sets it. Some say “don’t mix business with pleasure” me I don’t see it that way because we only have one life why not live to the fullest right.

With all that being said we all will have our opinions on what is an advantage and disadvantage on this topic of advantages of building an online business, since we all have different goals and perceptions. Next I will give you ways on how you can build an online business.

Ways To Build An Online Business

Examples Of Ways To Make Money Online

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube
  • Selling Your Own Product


Blogging is a good way to make money online if you actually like to write out long blog posts. Blogging isn’t for everyone it is easy to start one up and write blog posts. What it comes down to is if you can monetize that topic or Niche you are targeting. We all have our own sets of strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes this is where blogging can help you or not.

What I mean is if you don’t like to write them blogging won’t be ideal for you since you will get bored of blogging after some time with writing out your blog posts. For example if you don’t like reading when you have to read a book for some reason you get bored quickly and don’t want to do it. It is the same with blogging or really anything in life you know?

Some things you have to keep in mind about blogging I’ll link to my other posts about these related topics.

In short with blogging all you do is write about a specific topic or niche in your blog posts, you will target certain keywords that are low competition to get more traffic to your site. As you get more people to your website and the affiliate offers you have on your site some of those people will purchase. You will get a commission from that purchase that can range from 5%-50% sometimes more or less.

You have to pick a niche first or a topic to talk about for example just say you are interested in Gardening your blog posts will be all about gardening. That is a broad topic so some are just interested in a certain niche or topic in gardening so you will be, targeting a specific set of people.

Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to affiliate marketing you can apply this to really anything that allows affiliate links to be put on, this can be a blog you started a YouTube video plus other places. You can CLICK HERE for the full article on affiliate marketing. In short affiliate marketing is when you become an affiliate for a company, get an affiliate link talk about that product or training program people click on the link if they buy you will get a commission from the purchase.

This is how a lot of people make their money online this can end up becoming a passive income stream for you. This is better than having an active income, because with a passive income you put that content out once and whoever sees that link you can make a commission off of it.


Yep, you can make money by putting out videos on YouTube there are actually a few ways to do this. One way is reviewing a product and or program (affiliate marketing), put your link in the description of the video. Another way is by Google Adsence on your videos this is made possible, because Google owns YouTube. YouTube does have you do a few things before you are able to get ads on your videos which in turn gives you some money. You need to apply for the YouTube Partner Program you also need to be accepted into the program.

Besides getting ads on your videos you can also use your affiliate links on these videos if your viewers click on the link and buy you get money. Or you could get another company to sponsor your video which you mention that specific company in your video, and they will give you a link you can use for your viewers to use and buy.

Selling Your Own Product

This can be really anything whether this is how to training all the way to some shirts you made. If you have something you have made and feel like it can help others use it then sells it. This will give you the most money compared to something like affiliate marketing this is, because you create the product and you sell it so you get more profit.

The only downside is the fact you will have to deal with inventory and what not unless you have a digital product like an Ebook or video training. This is a great way to make an online business you decide the price and it is your creation that is pretty cool don’t you think?

These are a few examples of advantages of building an online business now one thing I do want to mention is the fact that building an online business even a brick a mortar business. This will take a lot of time and work in order for you to make a full time income. You won’t get rich overnight it could take some months and maybe a year or more, this all comes down to how much work and consistent you are with working on your online business.

If you see an opportunity that says they can get you a large sum of money in a short amount of time then don’t believe it most likely they are telling a false statement. Now if you have a following a decent sized email list and what not then you can make money faster, than someone that is first starting out aka a newbie.

Getting a following and building your business will take time so make short term and long term goals for your online business and work towards them. There will always be some negatives on your online business journey, but if you look at it life is full of ups and downs you know? So no matter how hard or how easy it may get keep trucking and never give up on your hopes and dreams.

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Leave a comment with any questions you have on this topic talk soon

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