This is my 10 Minute Paydays Review – Can You Make $5,000 A Day?

I found out about this program by email someone was promoting it so I checked it out. This program claims to make you $5,000 a month and only 10 minutes of work. I will show you how this is nothing but hype.

That is all the sales video is all hype, fake testimonials the list goes on. So you can’t always judge a sales page because that is what the sales page is HYPE.

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What Is 10 Minute Paydays?

At first glance this program doesn’t seem to bad because you are only losing $9.

There are upsells in this program– Upsell #1: Payday Plus $197 downsell of $97. Upsell #2: Boost profits up to 5X the amount $147 downsell of $47.

The creator says his name is Gregg Price this is a pen name in reality we don’t know who the creator is.

Going off of the sales page you will see a lot of red flags a few I mentioned above. Fake testimonials, unrealistic income claims, unknown creator.

Looking at the testimonials in the video this doesn’t surprise me one bit that they are fake. All the sales videos I have gone through products from ClickBetter or even ClickBank. They all use fake testimonials they pay a spokesperson to do these testimonials.

This is so they can make their program look more legit but in reality it makes the program look more spammy or scammy.

You would think you wouldn’t need a fake testimony if your program work you know?

I don’t like to judge a book by its cover so with that being said lets see what you get.

10 Minute Paydays Training

You will get 6 different modules in this training (all are PDF’s)

  • Method #1- 17 page PDF on how to do voice overs
  • Method #2- 22 page PDF on how to make money selling stock photos
  • Method #3- 21 page PDF on how to make money freelancing
  • Method #4- 22 page PDF on how to make money online gaming
  • Method #5- 25 page PDF on how to market on social media, creating a niche website, managing clients, building an agency.
  • Method #6- 28 page PDF on how you can outsource your content creation.

Looking at all of these PDF’s to me this isn’t worth $9 this is my opinion though.

You may get some information but it isn’t enough to make you $5,000 a month. Also these ways of making money online will take way more time then just 10 minutes a day.

These PDF’s will give you ideas on ways to make some income but 20 pages isn’t enough to show you how.

The program I use to make money online called Wealthy Affiliate. The free starter membership gives you more information for free then 10 Minute Paydays does for $9.

I look at that and think man that is pretty sad if you ask me, I can’t comment on the upsells since I never purchased those. For all I know the upsells have better training but I wouldn’t waste my money.

Luckily you can get your money back because ClickBetter has a 60 day money back guarantee. If you wan to get your money back click that link and you can get your money back. Don’t go through the vendor the vendor will give you the go around.

Keep Reading My 10 Minute Paydays Review to find out if this a scam or legit.

Is 10 Minute Paydays A Scam Or Legit?

This can be up for debate here is why I say that.

Some would call this a scam because of how misleading the sales page is, fake testimonials, hyped up claims. Even though you do get something for you money but as I mentioned above you won’t make $5,000 a month with just these PDF’s.

On the other hand others would call this legit since you do get something for you money. The PDF’s that you get aren’t worth the the $9.

Why? You could simply search Bing or Google for the information you will get inside of 10 Minute Paydays.

Another thing that you will find in the back office is a webinar to John Crestani’s webinar. This leads to his program Super Affiliate System.

If you buy this program the person who’s affiliate link that is will get paid a commission for it. I see this as a hidden cost that has nothing to do with 10 Minute Paydays you know?

It is a way for them to get some more money out of you. Some of these ClickBank and ClickBetter programs. Put this offer inside of the back office so they can make more money. I have seen this Super Affiliate System in a couple different programs.

With All That Being Said

What do you think of this program?

What do you think of this 10 Minute Paydays Review?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below I would love to hear what you have to say.

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